Your Website Is Power – Kimberly Gosney

I love the word power.

We all have power in our lives.


We have the power to shape the future.

Every day as we take a step forward we have the power in our hot little hands to predict our future.

This week I was struggling to find a crystal ball for my daughter. We’re doing a Trunk Or Treat at Tae Kwon Do. We tried a bagillion and one stores to find a crystal ball. We trudged to store after store searching for one thing that would be the center piece of our makeshift fortune telling booth.

Right in the back of our Kia Soul we hatched a power plan.

A way to win a contest for the best trunk at Trunk Or Treat. I’m a wee bit too tall for the trunk of the Kia Soul (imagine that me at 5’2″ being too tall), so my daughter would be our fortune teller.

Saying ….

“I see a piece of candy in your fuuuuuuuture.”

In her giggliest voice we practiced, and practiced, and practiced.

Sure enough in about 20 minutes she totally nailed it.

I say it’s fueled by her passion for being witty and clever, but our power phrase came from our not being real fortune tellers and trying to keep our predictions light for the 12 and under crowd.

But, still no crystal ball. What the heck.

How hard can it be to find a crystal ball this close to Halloween?!?

Finally at Party City she spied it.

A disco crystal ball. Weighing in at a whopping 1 pound and measuring about 3″ high stand and all with flashing LED Disco lighting.

A power crystal ball.

Not my idea of the perfect crystal ball. I wanted a clear globe that was like a real crystal ball, a mighty 10 incher – but, who am I to argue with a 10 year old that’s now “starvinnnnnng to death.”

On the way home Kathryn lit that dang power crystal ball up in the back seat of my car just because she had to see it in action.

That mighty tiny power crystal ball packs a whallop of a punch.

Who knew a 3″ high power crystal ball could give off that much light!

Which brings me back to you and your power crystal ball.

A tiny bit of magic that you hold in your hands right now that is power.

Pure power.

The one thing that has the power to predict your business future.

Your website.

Your website is power.

My question for you is this…

What do you see in your website’s future?

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