You Don’t Need To Wait To Make Money With Your Course

One of my favorite course launches of all time was way back in 2014 when I was a green bean newbie at creating courses. I decided at the beginning of March 2014 that I was launching a website design course in April.

I also started my site design business in April too!

The month of March was CRAZY! I had an out of town conference I was attending at the end of March and I was filming website tutorials in the hotel lobby. I launched a quickie sales page at the beginning of March and by networking in Facebook groups I had my first five course participants within a few weeks.

Was it the perfect launch?

Yes, it was and here’s why.

I made $397 x 5 participants = $1985 in revenue. I also met a lifelong friend too.

Almost $2K right out of the gate with a new course, new business, and new idea.

I didn’t wait for someone to pronounce me the Queen of DIY website building courses, I didn’t use any fancy tools or systems (other than Screenflow, my email delivery service, and my website with password protected pages.)

I just had a thought that popped into my head that I could show people how to build their own website because a couple of people asked me how to make a horizontal opt-in and I knew how to do that!

My point is this…

You don’t have to wait to make money with your course.


You don’t have to be an expert.

You don’t have to have all the fancy tech tools.

You don’t have to even know what you’re doing.

You just have to take a thought bubble in your mind that catches your attention to finding the first handful of people that believe in you.

That first fledgling course ran in my business for over two years before it had run its lifetime. It brought in over $30,000 in revenue that made it possible for me to work from home doing what I wanted to do…

Build websites and help people build theirs.

It kept me out of working in retail, put food on my table, and even though it didn’t bring in millions of dollars or thousands of clients…

It gave me confidence.

By having that first course out there in the world I learned so much about myself, my customers, and the people that I’ve forged lasting relationships that were a part of it have made all the difference in where my business is at now.

It connected me to my mentor.

It made me put myself out there.

It made me feel like a rockstar and at times like a failure. But, I did it. I made that first course and about 9 more versions by the end of the year.

It was out there.

Your first course needs to be out there. All it takes is for you to find your thought bubble, take action on it, and make it happen!

Guess what?

Next week, you’re in for a special treat! I’m going to share with you how to get take your thought bubble and turn it into your first 5-figure course.

No kidding!

Just you + me + a group of people that want to launch a course. We’ll do it in five days with the same five steps I used in 2014. Because it’s easy once you’ve got your Course Recipe!

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