You Are The Sprinkles – Kimberly Gosney

On my Birthday Cupcake!

Today, I’m sharing with you a post that should’ve been called …

Why list building is dead.

But, instead #youbringthesparkle. Tweet that for me.

If you’re sooooooo tired of “list building” today’s your lucky day!

It’s my almost Birthday Party Soiree. I’ve even got a present for yooooooooou.

Visit me right here on November 5th for your surprise!

  • Loved the imagery in this!! I listened the whole way through. So clever. Thank you!!

  • Whhoo!! Sprinkles 🙂

  • Ani Tashjian says:

    Love this, Kimberly! It’s exactly what I needed. ; )

  • My imagination has been Sprinkled. Thanks Kimberly for sharing.

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