Why List Building Matters – Kimberly Gosney

I love creating. Rolling up my shirt sleeves, opening up Screenflow and making courses, tutorials, and stuff for the peeps on my list.

Every morning at 9:00am EST Infusionsoft is super kind to me and shoots me over an automated email that shows me how many peeps are on my list.

As a biz owner, I own my list number because it’s in my face every morning at 9:00am. It goes to my support email so there’s no way I’m not seeing that number. EVERY • SINGLE • DAY.

But, I totally put off list building.

I’ve been tidying up my website and checking over some of my older pages and today I noticed that my list building efforts are at a whopping ZERO percent right now because I don’t have an opt-in. I am putting one together because what I had didn’t fit quite right.

I know the importance of list building as an entrepreneur, but I avoid list building activities like the plague.

Does this sound like you?

Are you putting off list building because you’d rather be doing something else like working on a new course idea you’ve got or thinking about having a monthly membership site?!?

Yes, those are both wonderful things to have when the time is right.

Today, I want you to shift your focus to list building.

Did you know that you can count on 1% of the people on your list to buy from you?

Shocking #amiright?

I know I’ve put on rose colored glasses and feel like my buyer number will always be higher than that 1% which is a mind trick that your heart plays on you when you’re creating something that you’re excited about.

The number goes from the 1% number to something huge like 20%.

Our heart tells us that the 1% isn’t going to happen to us because we’re an expert in our field, we’ve been doing the work, we’re connected with our list so 20% is totally doable.

I want you to look at the numbers because I’ve heard from so many people that thought their new course or monthly membership idea was a failure when it converted at 1% and it was on the right track.

Do the math and keep your heart focused on the win.

# of peeps on your list MULTIPLIED BY .01 = # of buyers on your list.

For example: 300 peeps on your list x .01 = 3 buyers on your list.

You need to track this number on a daily basis.

For the next 30-days I want you to focus on growing this number and to spend a solid 30 minutes to an hour a day laser focused on list building activities and see how that number looks 30 days from now.

I’m also writing this post and sharing this with you because I want you to be my buddy for the next 30 days and I’m starting TODAY and revisiting Nathalie Lussier’s 30 Day List Building Challenge. It’s free to join and we can do it together.

Use your buyer number as a filter.

If you’re creating a new e-course and you know your buyer number is 3 because you have 300 people on your list. Will your time effort and expenses to create this e-course be worth it to you in the short term (like 90 days from now.)

Then you’ll know if you want to create this e-course.

Does this mean there’s no value in having a small list?

Small lists are just as important as big lists because these are people that have raised their hands and voted for you! In fact, you can have a small list that’s able to help you build the business of your dreams.

Your list may convert much higher than 1% and I’m crossing my fingers and rooting for you!

My list is 308 peeps as of this morning at 9:00am EST and I know that without those 308 peeps believing in me and cheering me on I wouldn’t be able to be where I am today.




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