Why are you trying to put your baby in a prom dress? – Kimberly Gosney

OK – so you’re at the starting out point. You’ve decided to go pro and do this kitchen table part time hobby of yours for real.

You’re getting all excited about your very first website.

I know. Me too!!!

You’ve got this baby website and you’re just so excited.

Having babies is very exciting.

Unless you don’t like babies.

Maybe you’re more of a cat person. Totally fine with me. You’ve got a fur baby website. With a little scratchy tongue. That’s my favorite part about baby kittens that I remember from having a bazillion baby kittens when I was a little girl.

Back to the story.

So you’ve got this baby human/kitten website and a dream that’s been born right at your kitchen table.

Soooooo exciting.

But wait a minute.

You’re pulling out your prom dress?

Whoa nellie. I think I’m having a Pretty In Pink flashback moment. James Spader, Andrew McCarthy, MOLLY RINGWALD.

MOLLY RINGWALD. I’m never far from flashing back to Molly!!!

But seriously.

You can’t put your baby in a prom dress!

That’s just ridiculous.

She’ll get lost in all the taffeta for sure.

You can’t put a baby in a prom dress.

It just doesn’t fit. Not at all.

But yet that’s what we do as newbiepreneurs every single day.

We try to dress up our babies (human or furry) up in prom dresses to make our businesses feel bigger. To try to get our businesses dates for the prom.

And, they’re just babies right now and that’s OK.

I really heard this saying once about putting lipstick on a pig that stuck with me. I heard it a long time ago.

You can put lipstick on a pig and you’ve still just got a pig.

You can put a prom dress on a baby and you’ve still just got a baby, all be it a gosh darn pretty baby or a great Instagram photo.

So how does this translate to you and your baby business that you’re excited as heck about and dancing in your kitchen cooking dinner with that feels bigger than life and wants to be all fancy and impressive?!?

It takes time to grow a baby right. You’ve got big plans for her and that’s OK.

But, in terms of your website you can’t go pulling out a prom dress when you need a diaper.

Start simple. Start where you’re at and take time to watch your baby grow.

Yes, you’ll be changing those diapers for a while.

It’s OK. You’ll be changing them a lot. Until you’ve figured out what works for you and what doesn’t.

Baby diapers = Colors, fonts and a great theme for your website.

(One that can handle an explosion when it’s busting at the seams and you forgot to change her.)

My baby human liked Pampers not Huggies never ever Huggies.

Sorry Huggies. I know you’re perfect for some other baby bottoms.

My baby website liked Headway Themes, not Squarespace or Divi or Shopify.

Don’t even get me started on websites that jiggle all over the dang place – they all pluck my nerves. Including the five minutes my own baby website did tricks like that for a moment or two.

But, what your baby always has to wear is just these four things + a diaper.

A home page, about page, work with me page, and a blog page.

That’s baby dressing 101.

Or as I like to call it your Minimum Visible Website™ Strategy.

Prom dresses for your little one are just all wrong!

Until you’ve got a baby that’s a little more grown up.

Prom dresses are things like:

Membership Sites especially monthly membership sites.

Freebie Opt-in Offers. Yes!!! Despite what you’ve been force fed you can exist without a freebie opt-in offer!

Courses. Once again. If you haven’t got it yet – your business will live. I promise.

And, anything else that you want to dress up your baby fur or human in until you’ve got those four pages to start with.

Once you’ve got those four pages. Congratulations. You’ve got a hungry baby website. And, you’re just freaking awesome in my book and it’s time to take your baby out for a stroll in the real world.

Have you ever seen an ugly baby?

Nope. I sure haven’t.

And, I’ve never seen a website baby that looked ugly either.

Dress your baby in baby clothes and just hold her and cuddle her. She’s going to love you forever once you get her out of that dang prom dress!

It’s itchy, uncomfortable and scratching up her precious baby softness. YIKES.

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