Is your website making you nuts? – Kimberly Gosney




Is that not the cutest picture ever?

Today, I’m writing to ask you a question. It’s really important. And, I want to know your answer.

Close your eyes. Take a deep breath…

Is your website driving you nuts?

For the last week or two I’ve been getting a ton of emails from peeps that are being driven stark raving mad – lunatic fringe – kind of mad…

Over their website.

Does that sound like you? Just a little bit like you?

When I built my very first website, all the way back in 2012 – my website drove me crazy. Absolutely crazy.

Did you know that it’s a rite of passage for your first website to make you want to scream at least one or twice, to have a oh shit! where did my website go moment + to want to pull your hair out.

A rite of passage.

One that I went through all on my own.

By myself. Just me and my keyboard. That’s pretty dang sad. Boo hoo! 

Now that I’m a little bit more experienced and can build a site like nobody’s business…

I thought I’d share three tips for staying cool as a cucumber while building your first website.

  1. Fonts and colors really aren’t that big of a deal.
  2. Back away from the computer.
  3. Never ever think about hitting the reset button.

If these tips help you – well I’m as happy as a squirrel with a nut.

Fonts and colors really aren’t that big of a deal. 

They are fun and pretty to look at, but fonts and colors won’t make or break your business unless you’re MyFonts or Sherwin-Williams.

Fonts and colors are there to help you EXPRESS yourself. As much as I love a good font, for the most part I think of them like my Wonder Woman Cuffs – they are at best – a great piece of jewelry with magic



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