Is your website driving you nuts? – Kimberly Gosney


We’ve all been there. Anyone that’s ever had a website and a dream. A dream of creating the best, most beautiful website in all the world. The one that everyone wants to copy (imitation is the best form of flattery, right?)


Glory be.

Yes, that’s the one that I want!

If you’ve been stalling on building your website because you think It takes soooooooo much time to get a site up and running I want to share my …

THREE Keep It Simple Strategies For Staying Sane While Building Your Website.

Because, I know it’s bugging the crap out of you right now – and it soooooooooo doesn’t have to be that way!

Here we GO!

  1. Walk away AND take a break from your website.
  2. Make a choice AND stick with it.
  3. Build your website with passion!

Walk away AND take a break from your website. Frequent breaks will refresh and energize you. Staring at your website and screaming at your computer will drain you. And, what’s the big rush? Take time out for yourself – your website will thank you for it!

Make a choice AND stick with it. Fonts, color palettes, Aweber or Mailchimp. There are a million bazillion choices that you’re going to make for your website. Go with your gut, make a decision and stick with it. You know just what YOU need. Trust yourself. Don’t get too caught up in the small details – they are quicksand for your website.

Build your website with passion. If you’re passionate about building your website – it will GET BUILT. You’ll feel a shift in your whole body and you’ll just KNOW that you’ve got this and that YOU can do it. But, if you don’t make a real effort – that shift won’t happen.

And, there you have it. THREE Keep It Simple Strategies For Staying Sane While Building Your Website. Easy peasy, right?

But, wait a minute here! What if we just DO it. Shut The FRONT door, is this a 4th Strategy???

4. What if WE just build YOUR dang website already – YOU and ME?

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You’ll get the training you need to REALLY build your website in an hour + you’ll get to ask me questions too.

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