How to get inside your clients head.

*Punctuation Disclaimer! This post uses the apostrophe in lots of places. I’m not a pro at the proper use of said apostrophes, I try to avoid them at all costs – but, that can’t be done with this post. So look away if a stray apostrophe bugs the crap out of you.

Getting to know your ideal client is pretty tricky.

Sure you can stalk ’em on Facebook, write Ideal Client Avatars until you’re blue in the face. Imagine what they’re like based on the wish lists they’ve got on Amazon. But, how well do you really know the people that are on your list and what they need the most from you right now?

This used to be a big issue for me.

I’d write content for my blog posts that I “thought” I needed to write and then I’d hit publish and think… hmmmmm, is this what I should be writing about?!?

It’s pointless to spend time writing content just for the sake of posting once a week every week, on the same day of the week, at the exact same time, until the end of time if that content is like a tree that falls in the forest and no one hears it or needs it.

Our blogs are becoming a one-to-many business model.

Because we think that’s how it should be.

But, what if… your blog could become a place where you get to take a peek inside the minds of the people that are visiting you. To find out what’s got them stuck, what they’re struggling with, and then take that good stuff and write the best damn blog post of your life…

To help that one person in that one EPIC moment they need you the most?

Chances are if one person tells you they feel a certain way, there are going to be other people reading your posts that feel the same way too!

I’m starting an experiment of sorts.

To make the content that I write 100% worth reading for the one person that needs it the most right then, instead of serving up “SEO friendly” Google-able blog posts for the masses.

I’ll be serving up my answers weekly (or as needed) based on the one person that needs me the most right then and there.

Here’s the tool that will make the magic happen.


I’m using the FREE version of this tool to give anyone that reads my posts a special place to click and send me something that’s got them fried.

Here’s what my Typeform looks like on the inside!

And here’s what it looks like when a person fills it out!

Here’s what the questions look like!

The answers get served up in a spreadsheet that’s easy peasy to look over.

So you can get everything you need from the peeps that respond quickly and without wanting to pull your hair out!

Example below and yes you can click on it if you’re feeling fried!

Here’s what I love about typeform.

It makes getting info from people easy as pie. You just make a form, pop a picture on your blog posts and attach your form link to the image – have the image open in a new tab in the browser window so they don’t wander too far away from you and BOOM!

You’re inside the head of the person reading your blog posts.

This is the most powerful way EVER to connect and engage with the people that are checking you out online. But, you have to be willing to do the hour or so(ish) of work to write your post, create your image, make your form, and link that good stuff up on your website.

It’s so easy that you have to give it a good cupcake worthy try!

Share your thoughts below if you’re going to test out Typeform!

Hugs and sprinkles,



  1. Otir on April 26, 2017 at 12:17 am

    I want to try it! You convinced me, thank you!! <3

  2. Deborah on June 1, 2017 at 5:53 am

    Just bookmarked the page. Will give it a try. Thanks, Kimberly!

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