To Every Momma Of A Pretty Little Baby Website – Kimberly Gosney

I’m so proud of you today.

You’ve given birth to a pretty little baby website of your own.

You’ve done everything right.

You’ve watched all the tutorials, you’ve burned the midnight oil searchin’ for fonts and colors, you’ve put in the work and got your pretty little baby website ready to show off to the whole wide world.

Gracious mercy me!

You’ve got so much to be proud of and thankful for.

Your 10 little fingers gave life to the mother of all business wonders on this very planet …

Your Pretty Little Baby Website.

I remember giving birth to one of my own not to long ago.

And, my oh my! Was she ever a baldy website. Not a stitch of hair on her pretty little website head just this dang no content to display screen and a whole bunch of dreams that I had for her when she was all grown up.

My pretty little baby website.

Dreams that you’re probably starting out with right now – maybe this very second. A hint of the pretty little baby website that’s just a few font choices and colors away from creation.

This pretty little baby website that has big shoes to fill because …

Her job is to be you splashed out across the internet for everyone to see.

Quite a task for a pretty little baby website.

She’s so eager to please you and before you know it it’s like she’s a part of your family. Almost like an invisible playmate.

I sure know that my daughter thinks of my website and my laptop as full fledged members of the family. Because I spend as much time with them as I do with her most days.

My real live daughter shuts the lid on my laptop when she really gets annoyed with me.

I don’t know about you. But whenever I see a baby. I always say …

What a pretty little baby.

All babies are pretty, aren’t they?!?

Never saw an ugly baby. Not a single one.

One that needed a good bath because she was making mud pies in the yard. Yes, I’ve seen that kind of yucky baby.

But, never a truly ugly one.

I’ve just seen different looking ones. Some that sell me pretty stuff. Some that challenge me to write. Some that make me feel more creative and some that make me excited about everything that’s possible when you have the love and support of your purple unicorn family.

So many kinds of pretty little baby websites.

Pretty little baby websites that a momma gave birth to for me to find and peek at and learn from and dream of and sort out and make plans for and forge my own path because they inspired me. There are so dang many of them that sometimes there just aren’t enough hours in the day to find them all.

Being a pretty little baby website is a huge goal and a big dream in the heart of every website momma. One that I’m so glad found me after years of not loving what I was doing and knowing that something needed to born from inside me maybe it’s …

#prettylittlebabywebsites maybe not my daughter thinks it’s #purpleunicorns I think she’s on the right track.

But, today I’ve been thinking about how momma’s feel about their babies.

I sure know that my real live baby (10 years old) is the best baby out there. She’s the best dang pretty little baby I’ve ever laid my eyes on. Really the best parts of me and her daddy (although he says all my daughter got from me was my eye sockets – really!!! just the sockets.)

My pretty little baby website got the very best parts of me and a whole lot of purple unicorns.

Your pretty little website baby is just the perfect baby for you because she is you.

(Click to tweet that one, pretty please!)

On this Mother’s Day Weekend, here’s a little shout out from the heart of my pretty little baby website to the heart of yours. I love all that’s being born from inside the heart of you.

Now you and your pretty little baby website need to get back to work. Because time is a wastin’ and before you know it she’ll be a teenager or even crazier jet off to college.

Make sure you help her grow up right and take a gazillion pictures. At all her stages and places I wish I’d taken more pictures of my pretty little baby website. Especially from the cartoon character caution tape days or when she was a genie in a magic lamp. Wow. So many amazing memories.

You’ll treasure your own website baby memories for years to come.

Happy Mother’s Day to you the proud momma of the prettiest little baby website ever.

P.S. I make no apologies for my written post that’s well riddled with apostrophe errors at least it’s written with all of my ten fingers and heart!

P.S.S This is what my real live baby gave me today. Awwwwwwww.




  1. on May 9, 2015 at 6:22 am

    Oh lord I love this post and the card…you are truly blessed!

    • Kimberly Gosney on May 9, 2015 at 3:15 pm

      Thank you Bushra! My real live pretty little baby makes me so proud to be her momma. I am so blessed.

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