The Triple Layer Method For Launching

Squeal. For years I’ve been talking about and using the Triple Layer Method For Launching to grow my online empire and I’m smacking myself upside my head because I don’t think I’ve ever written a blog post on this before.


If you’ve been more than a little bit confused about what you need to be selling and when you need to sell it and you’ve got all the amazing ideas for what you want to sell you are going to LOVE The Triple Layer Method.

Here’s how it works.

Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither is your online empire. But, if you follow these three steps you can make your big dreams come true.

My big dream for 2017 is getting a fence for my backyard for my big as a house puppy, Kiska.

See why I need a fence? That’s a whole lotta puppy!

But, your dream might be…

  • leaving a full time job you don’t love so much
  • having a little extra money to pay off your bills
  • staying at home to be with your kiddos

Layer #1: Your Freebies and/or Challenges

You’ll create freebies and challenges to help your peeps tackle something that’s got them stuck. I can’t go into all the juicy details in this post or it’d be twenty miles long. But, your freebies and challenges should be a little taste of what you do for your paying customers.

Example! I’m a site designer so my goal is to build websites for my clients. My freebies could be about anything that peeps need to have before they hire me to build their website. Stuff like branding, copy (not touching that one with a 10 foot cattle prod), or the 10-step Recipe For The Perfect Website.

The goal with this first layer is to genuinely help someone get to the next level.

The biggest obstacle you’ll face here is in keeping your freebies and challenges focused on quick results versus making them a buffet of everything you know.

I love 60-minute masterclass calls as freebies and 5 day challenges. Just enough to be highly effective without overwhelming your potential customers with gobs of stuff!

You need to start making this layer happen like YESTERDAY!

Layer #2: Selling Online Courses

This is the layer where you start making money from what you’re serving up. If you sell online courses as the second layer in your online empire, you’re one smart cupcake. Here’s why.

Courses are a great way to get your feet wet selling something in the one-to-many business model. Once you’ve created your course content you can sell it over and over so your hard work can pay off many times.


You can sell one course for each thing that your client is going through that you’ve got the perfect solution for.

Example: If you’re a site designer (hey wait, that’s me!) and you’ve been selling your services like hotcakes and you’d like to take on a little less site building stuff you could make a course on…

  • branding
  • site design
  • copywriting (not touching that one with a 10 foot cattle prod)
  • sales pages
  • landing pages
  • home pages
  • systems
  • funnels

OMG, I could go on for days. And, days.

The goal with this second layer is to make money as quickly as possible while testing out your teaching skills, course ideas, topics while making good money with one time course purchases.

I’ve seen courses sell online for as little at $27 and as much as $5000.

Seriously good money for doing what you love.

The risk here is that you’ll make a whole course and no one will buy it. In this case you’d be out your time for making the course and the cost of anything you spent creating it, but there’s this magical thing called a beta test where you sell your courses before you make them.

If no one buys your beta course you’re only out the time it took you to promote it.

You can start over from scratch with a new course idea the next week and you’re only out a few hours.

When should you start selling courses online? The second you’ve created and launched your first freebie or challenge.

Layer #3: Monthly Memberships

You can start a monthly membership that is a spin off from your course idea. This allows you to go deeper into the topic you covered in your course or create a series of mini courses that you give to your members on a monthly basis.

This layer gives you recurring revenue which means that you’ll have a steady stream of income that your membership generates for you over a longer period of time.

When should you start selling a membership? Because memberships are a long-term commitment and they aren’t something you want to quickly put out into the world a good idea is to launch a membership 6 months after your course launch.

This way your course participants can give you valuable insight into what they need and if they’re excited about being a member before you build out your membership.

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