The Triple Layer Launch Method

Thinking about launching a new challenge, course, or membership idea out into the world.

Hold tight.

I’m about to share my favorite way to make this happen without stress and overwhelm. Let’s start with the end in mind and work backward from there.

The Prep Steps

Step #1: The bottom layer. Your dream client emails you out of the blue and says I had a tough year. I didn’t get where I wanted to go. I’m not messing around this year and I need to call in an expert to help me. I hear that expert is Y-O-U.

ACTION STEP -> Take 5 minutes or so and jot down twelve or more ways that you can help her. No idea is too simple or too big. Go broad and stretch your idea muscles. Give your brain a solid workout.

Step #2The middle layer. Imagine the same dream client doesn’t have a year to wait to get everything on your list, but they’ve got a solid 90 days and they really want to work with you.

ACTION STEP -> Pick your top three ideas from the list above and circle them.

Step #3: The top layer. Imagine the same dream client just posted that they need help with something in a Facebook Group in your area of expertize. You know exactly how to help and you quickly type a reply and give her the answer to her current problem.

ACTION STEP -> Spend 10-15 minutes looking through Facebook Groups that you’re a member of. What are the current problems people have that are related to what you do? Pick your favorite one.

The Breakdown

This is based on the same three steps from above.

The top layer is your first free challenge.

You take a current problem that people have and serve up the answers to this problem over 3-5 days. Giving your challenge participants a quick win.

The middle layer is your first course.

You’ll take your top three ideas from your list and serve them up as modules and lessons for 6-12 weeks. Giving your dream client an even bigger result than she’d get from your challenge.

The top layer is your first membership.

You’ll dive deep into the remaining nine ideas you brainstormed that you didn’t put in your course and you’ll give your dream client everything she needs from A-Z.

The Result

You’ve got a roadmap for the year for your business and you get the ease of creating and launching each part when you’re ready!

The Timeline

Based on challenge launch + one month = course launch + six months = membership launch.

  • January challenge, to February course, to August membership.
  • April challenge, to May course, to November membership.
  • July challenge, to August course to February membership.

The Tools & Systems

I use AccessAlly Pro, Beaver Builder Pro and Infusionsoft for my challenges, courses, and memberships. These are the best tools for the type of experiences I like to create with my tribe.

*Affiliate disclaimer -> the links above are my affiliate links. This means that if you choose to use one of these tools and you purchase it using my affiliate link I am financially compensated at no additional cost to you.