The “f” that marks the spot.

I’m about to share something super personal with you.

It’s a true story about my own website. GASP.

I’ve been knee deep in sifting through the nuts and bolts of what I really “sell” and how that looks in your world.

What makes me giggle is that what I think I “sell” isn’t what I really “sell” at all. Maybe you’ve been there too!

You sit down and look at one of the tons of pages on your website and then you see it.

The “f” that marks the spot.

I’ll define this “f” as the epic failure that was made because you had a gazillion things on your plate and you thought everything about your website was pretty, polished and powerful until…

That big fat “f” smacks you right in the face.

 Here’s what I saw when I visited my own home page this week.

Not so polished now is it?

Way back in 2015 I made an epic video blog post called “How To Eat Your Website Elephant” I’m going to make a part two to this post really soon… but first – why am I sharing my “f” that marks the spot!!!

I know that right now you’ve got at least one “f” that marks the spot on your website right now.


It’s lurking out there for the whole world wide web to see. It’s insidious and might not be as flat out epic in it’s location as mine was all front and center on the home page of your site, but it’s there.

How the “f” did that happen?

That’s the bigger question and one that I want to explore with you right now.

You’ve got too many pages on your website that aren’t pretty, polished and powerful. They’re eating up gobs of your time and it would take days (or weeks) to sift through them all.

But, what if there was a BETTER way to look at your website.

One sweet page at a time.

What if you started today, right now, this very minute and you looked at, reviewed, digested, and ate one page of your website elephant?!?

What if we stopped looking at our websites as what new pages can I add to make more sales, get more clients, or have more going on in our businesses and we just focused all of our heart and soul on ONE page!


Hot diggity dog.

A new idea has been birthed from my “f” that marks the spot and it is… instead of building BIG websites for my clients one at a time…

I’m going to go for ONE epic page of your website at a time because this is the kicker. It’s not about ALL the pages, it’s about the one page that matters to you the most TODAY.

I’m putting together a mighty sweet community filled with sets of one page website kits that’ll give you my mad design skills so you won’t have to feel the pinch to eat your website elephant all at once.

Perfection can be achieved on one page so much easier than it can on a billion (and one.) Plus, I bet you dollars to doughnuts that *most of the pages on your website were *big ideas that never quite made it out of your website oven.

Comment here if you’d like to hear more from me about this.

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