The 5-Step SimplyBold Framework

Today I want to share my secret sauce with you!

I call it the 5-Step SimplyBold Framework and it’s perfect for you if you’re launching your first course or membership and you’d like to start off on the right foot from Day #1.

Let’s dig in.

STEP 1: Manage your time right from the start.

A big mistake I see is (and I’ve made myself) is saying that you are creating a course or membership so you can have “freedom and flexibility” and then you work yourself half to death without any end in sight.

You need to know how much time you’d like to invest in what you’re about to launch.

5 hours per week is a great place to start… especially if you’re a solopreneur or small team of fewer than 3 people. That’s 20 hours per month which can easily fit into your life if you’re working a full-time job and raising a family to boot and you’ve got goals of taking your business to the place where it can replace your day job income.


Know how much time you want to spend BEFORE you take another step because your time is valuable and you can’t afford to waste a single moment of it.


Write this number down.

Step 2: Stay consistent.

The more consistent you are what you’ll deliver to your members – the better off everyone else will be! OK -> I sucked at this one early on in my business so I wave my hand here because I wish I had my own framework for this way back when.

You have to be laser-focused during your 5 hours per week because it will run out faster than you ever thought possible. If you’re up in the air about this or that, you do one thing this week and something different the next your time will evaporate with nothing to show for it.

Plus -> you have more to do inside your five hours than you think!!! You’ve got to create, sell, deliver, and support this idea until it becomes profitable and 5 hours is not a lot of time to do everything if you’re willy-nilly about what you’re doing each week.


What do your 5 hours look like?

  • One hour per week on the website and tech-related support stuff
  • Two hours per week on content for your participants/members
  • Two hours per week on community-based participation to serve your participants/members


Mark these times on your calendar NOW!

  • Tech & Support -> 20 minutes a day for three days per week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday)
  • Content ->60 minutes on Monday and 60 minutes on Wednesday.
  • Community-based participation 60 minutes on Tuesday and 60 minutes on Thursday.


If you can’t find the time to do these things… ummmm -> something either has to go, the timing is not right for you, or you need expert help to figure out your plan.

Step 3: Simply deliver.

OK -> I’ll take the heat for this one. Yes -> you can deliver just about anything just about anyway when it comes to your website. BUT -> if you think your time is slim now wait until you complicate delivery of #allthethings.

Don’t make people jump through hoops to get to what they pay you for and don’t jump through hoops to control what they see and how they see it. Image neverending amounts of wasted time micromanaging everything goobling up your freedom and flexibility.

Let them in and simply deliver -> 99.9999% of your freedom and sanity depends on this.


What can you promise and simply deliver?


Eliminate anything as soon as you feel like you’re micromanaging it.

Step 4: Create Repeatable Patterns

This is my favorite thing to do on the planet! I thought I loved to build websites, but what I discovered is I like to build better membership sites -> faster!

Repeatable patterns are formed when you notice what you do and make the process of doing it faster and better. This allows you to go beyond what you can do and document things that someone else can do when you’re ready to start team building!!!

When something is a repeatable pattern it can be done on rinse and repeat by anyone with the same outcome as if you did it yourself.

My fav repeatable pattern examples are:

  • Everything to do with your membership site from graphics, to adding pages, to popping in copy, managing members -> ALL OF THIS!!!
  • Creating screen share videos for your members.
  • Sending out emails to let everyone know what’s up this week in your membership.
  • Customer service requests like should I buy this course or I’m locked out can you help me.

Everything in your business is a repeatable pattern except one type of thing…

The stuff that only comes from inside your brain -> like this blog post outlining my SimplyBold Framework -> even if I hire a copywriter to turn my random thought style of writing into something more digestible… the framework steps came from inside my brain!

PLAN THIS STEPOngoing work -> notice what you do that you do the same way every time and video yourself doing it. Those videos can later become part of your hiring process.

*Please note -> this hiring process concept is something I’m working on as I do not have a team because I’m not yet at the point in my business where I “need one” versus “want one.”

ACTION STEP: Create a Dropbox folder to store videos of you doing stuff even if you feel weird doing this because it will make you faster and stronger at what you do!

Step 5: Connection triumphs over content.

I giggle about this one because it’s my nervous giggle. I know that connection is of the most value to your members -> but, it’s the hardest one for me personally.

My personality lends itself to a more dictator style content… DO THIS and YOU’LL LOVE IT versus let’s chat about these things and form a community and build a relationship.

But, you have to rise above your feelings about having or not having a community. Community is the glue that bonds people to you and the experiences that they have with others. Showing up and saying a quick surprise hello and asking everyone how they’re doing is the stuff that will fuel you.

Oh, and did you know I have a nervous tick? If we chat live you’ll always know when I’m nervous because I giggle like a kiddo on Christmas morning. And, that’s why I have a hard time showing up to group parties like Facebook LIVE, but I won’t let this stop me if you won’t let something stop you!

Ask your members for their feedback, what do they want to learn, where are they stuck, what do they need from you to help?!? By asking your members these things on a consistent basis you will improve your community and develop only the content that matters most to your members.

PLAN THIS STEP: What’s a question you can ask people right now that can help you figure out where to start with the first month or lesson of your course or membership?

ACTION STEP: Email your list and ask your question.

Gracious mercy me! That’s a whole lot of brain power for this week. Now that I know you’ve got all the pieces of my 5-Step SimplyBold™ Framework you’re on your way to course and membership success!

If you’d like even more access to my brain -> grab me for a SimplyBold™ Plan session.

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