That zombie ate my cookies and cool whip. – Kimberly Gosney

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock I’m sure you’ve heard about this. Maybe you’ve even feared it.

It even ate my cookies and cool whip.

And, now it has to pay! Dang zombie.

It’s Google-pocalypse.

Henny Penny the sky for real is falling for sure because I’m really annoyed.

Are you?!?

It’s like I’m sitting here on my living room couch all comfy in my website with a glass of milk on my table, cookies in my hand and my spoon firmly planted in the Cool Whip bowl when a zombie comes in and snatches my cookies and cool whip, hence the Google-pocalypse.

Yes, I know. Google-pocalypse is upon us and our website might be swallowed up whole at any second. But, remain calm – don’t panic.

It’s going to be all right!

If you’re like me and you use Headway Themes I’ve got your back. I’ll even share with you a quick trick or two to deal with a horizontal opt-in that suddenly won’t look so great when it’s shrunken down to mobile site size.

Take that zombie.

I’m here to kick your butt so you’ll back away from my cookies and cool whip.


P.S. Video is right here! It’s really going to be OK, we’re stronger than the Google and some cool human people even built it so I’m pretty sure it won’t overthrow the human race any time soon.


P.S. I sooooo thought that I was the first peep ever on planet Earth to say Google-pocalypse, but alas I am not. I Googled apocalypse to see if I was spelling it just right. And, wayyyyyy back in 2012 Infographic Journal used it was before me!

P.S.S If you’re really as annoyed with the Google as I am for upsetting our apple cart, I’d highly recommend taking a peek at this fun gem from How I Met Your Mother. I listened to Season 1 Episode 19 while writing this post. It was written in 10 minutes flat giving me 20 minutes to just relax and have fun! The video making part took a lot longer than that, but it was sooooo worth it.

The Site To Check To See If You’re Responsive.

Mobile Friendly Test Tool.

Site to peek at how your site looks in all kinds of devices.

Mobile Test

Video 1: Going Responsive and Hiding Your Horizontal Opt-in.

(You can hide anything you don’t like in responsive mode in the same way as in horizontal in this tutorial.)


Video 2: Replacing the Horizontal with fancy new opt-in area that only shows on mobile.

(You can use this to test out how many mobile opt-ins you get!) Big thank you to Ferris Jay (inspiration) and Nathalie Lussier (implementation.) Here’s my affiliate link to PopUpAllyPro if you want to get your hot little hands on the best plugin EVER it’s mentioned in the paid way of styling your mobile opt-in.

Yay, you crushed that zombie. I’m so proud of you. Stay tuned next week for the 2nd part where we tackle the navigation menu.

My That Zombie Ate My Cookies And Cool Whip Series is a sample of one of my mini classes and in June I’ve got big plans for you my DIY friend!


  1. Catherine Basu on April 14, 2015 at 6:34 pm

    OH THANK YOU SOOOO much for doing this!!!!!!

    I’ve been dreading the Google-pocalypse since I’ve heard about it. Now I’m going to stop hiding and start getting ready 🙂

    • Kimberly Gosney on April 14, 2015 at 6:38 pm

      YAY! Glad I could help. I just love zombie hunting. Nobody messes with our website cookies. Just back your site up before moving a muscle and we’ll get through this!!!

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