Take Action And Build Your Site – Kimberly Gosney

You know what?

It takes a whole lot of guts to start building your first website.

Way back in 2012 I took the plunge and stated building my very first version of KimberlyGosney.com. It wasn’t easy.

Gracious mercy me … it took FOREVER to get the ball rolling.

I searched and tried a few themes and it wasn’t always pretty, but eventually I got the hang of it.

I could show you some screenshots of my first attempt and I’m sure you could find them on the Way Back Machine, but here’s the truth.

It took me soooooo long because I didn’t have a recipe.

I didn’t know what to do. WordPress was like a giant BEAST that I had to conquer.

Lucky for me that I had a few skills from a previous passion for graphic design. If I had to figure out all of WordPress and how to make cute header images too, it would have taken me a bazillion years to launch.

I learned a few secrets that I’m going to share with you RIGHT now.

Because it shouldn’t take you a year to figure out how to do this.

Secret #1:

Learn the basics.

The basics will get you everything you need to launch your first site. It will feel wonky and a little bit crazy to launch the first version of your big dream. But, those basics teach you the ropes and they’ll save you tons of time.

Want to know the basics, right now!

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Secret #2:

Do the work.

Hop in and give yourself time dedicated to learning the Basics. You’ll be surprised how quickly you’ll start seeing results.

Secret #3:

Start small and GROW as you GO.

Your first website will bring up a lot of scary stuff for you. You’ll be tempted to tweak and tweak and tweak to get it perfect. Your site will NEVER be perfect, BUT you can GROW as you GO. That’s the biggest secret of all. What you see today and what you do today shapes everything that’s possible for you in the future.

Secret #4:

Stop worrying about what everyone else has.

Fancy bells and whistles that are floating around on everyone else’s site isn’t what you should be trying to serve up on your first one.

All you NEED is a place to pop a gorgeous header image of yourself, an about page, work with me page and some dang buy buttons.

Your #1 goal is not to peek at what everyone else has or does on their website. That’s their website. Your website just needs a little focused attention to get going. Fancy stuff is overrated and will get you stuck faster than a pig in the mud. Sure a pig in the mud is happy, but your first website needs to be launched ASAP so that you can start serving up your first offerings, products and services. NOW.

Secret #5:

Nothing is better than seeing your first website in action. That first site holds a special magic recipe for you and what you want to do in the world. Once you’ve got your first website, you’ve got POWER. Power to make things happen. Power to try something out, find what make you special and start serving that up to the peeps that need you most.

Power to see if if you can start Making Headway in your new business online.

Secret #6:

Be deliciously launched.

There’s something right now inside of you that makes you delicious, something that people will crave about you. Something that YOU have, something that YOU bring to the table. Something that YOU are the best in the world at serving up. But, if YOU don’t launch it – only you and your mama will know how delicious you are.


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  1. Kathryn on October 13, 2015 at 6:13 pm

    These steps are spot on! The magic happens only if you take action 🙂

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