What do you stay up past midnight for? – Kimberly Gosney

I’m the first to admit that I LOVE sleep. I could and would sleep all day and all night if I just could master one thing.

The fine art of not loving to change my website.

Yes, here I am at 1am not being tempted by Facebook, Google, YouTube or even Instagram, nope – not me. The only thing I’m truly tempted by is…

My website.

So, this got me to thinking. What do you stay up past midnight for? Even if you have to be at work early in the morning. Even if you know that by staying up, you’re going to pay for it in the morning.

What is SO freaking enticing to you that you just can’t bear to tear yourself away from it, even if you are going to have great big bags under your eyes in the morning?

For me it’s two things. My website and making videos.

So, expect to see more of both from me in the future. But, all me aside…

What is that thing for you?

And, no matter what it is…

As long as it’s not illegal, dishonest, or causes someone else physical harm. Please for the love of all things website, do that. And, do it often. Even if you are so obsessed that (in my case) you take your laptop into the bathroom while your daughter’s taking her bath.

Do that. Because that’s what you need to do right now.

Stop over thinking it. Stop waiting for it to be perfect. Stop keeping yourself little because you’re afraid to step into it.

Just stay up past midnight if that’s what it takes and do it.

The world is waiting for you to. And, PS – You need to make a video too.

PS – Totally a judgement free zone if you wake up the next morning all sleepy, groggy and crabby. Because when the inspiration strikes you at midnight or later there are side effects. I become a little bit like a Gremlin. So, leave me a comment with what you’re like when you feel inspiration strike and you find yourself working past midnight.

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