This agreement has been simplified to make it easy to understand. I want you to feel confident in knowing what you're signing. Please fill out, read everything on this page thoroughly, and sign at the bottom.

Statement of Work Agreement

  • The address you use for your business snail mail.

  • This Statement of Work Agreement ("SOW") is entered into by Kimberly Gosney DBA Cupcake Website residing at 505 Southmont Street Clayton, NC 27527 referred to as ("Company") and You referred to as ("Client").

    This SOW is expressly incorporated in and made a part of the Master Client Services Agreement between the Parties with the date entered on that agreement. As such, the Parties’ conduct in connection with this SOW is governed at all times by the provisions of that Master Client Services Agreement, as modified and supplemented by this SOW. Client engages Company to render, on behalf of Client, certain services defined and described in this SOW, as follows:

  • Company agrees to perform Web Design Services for Client. These services will be delivered on one Monday of Client's choice (excluding holidays) provided Company is not already booked for that Monday. This is referred to as ("Baking Day").

    Company agrees to provide Client with the following included support for Web Design Services. Generous support and hand holding starting on Baking Day Monday and continuing until Friday of the same week. This is referred to as ("Baking Week").

    Company agrees to make the following Page Templates for Client.

    1.) Login Page Template

    2.) Welcome Page Template

    3.) Dashboard Page Template

    4.) Module/Lesson Page Template

    5.) Order Form Template *for taking Stripe payments.

  • Company agrees to add the following pages to site for Client.

    1.) One Login Page

    2.) One Welcome Page

    3.) One Dashboard for One Course/Membership

    4.) Up to 12 Module/Lesson Pages for one Course/Membership.

    5.) One order form for one course/membership *for taking Stripe payments.

  • Client agrees to do the following after Company builds site for Client on Baking Day:

    1.) Add copy to site.

    2.) Add videos to site.

    3.) Add PDF files to site.

    4.) Add emails to support your course/membership site launch.

  • Client agrees that Company is here to build a website.

    Company does not offer emotional support services, act as an employee of your company, or provide business coaching services.

    Client agrees that Company is not able to do the following things for Client under this SOW:

    1.) Make sales pages.

    2.) Write copy.

    3.) Name things.

    4.) Create email marketing funnels.

    5.) Buy things for Client (like images, paid plugins).

    6.) Provide support on weekends and holidays.

    7.) Provide hands on work for Client after Baking Week.

    8.) Provide Client with tech support for paid plugins and CRM companies.


    Client agrees to pay Company based on one of the following options.

    Option 1 - one payment of $2500.

    Option 2 - six monthly payments of $500.

    If Client chooses Option 2

    Client agrees to pay Company all payments because Company is accepting the risk of providing Client with site without making Client wait until Company has received all payments from Client.

    Client agrees to have the wording Site Credits on the footer section of every page of site. This links to a page called Site Credits that contains the following wording. Site Design by Cupcake Website with a link to . The site credits will be set up by Company and should remain in place for as long as Client uses Company's site design.

After signing this agreement your next step is to purchase your Cupcake Website package.


One Payment
of $2500

Save $500 by paying all at once.
  • Login Page
  • Home Page
  • My Account Page
  • Reusable Order Form *For Stripe Users
  • Reusable Course/Membership Dashboard Page
  • Reusable Module or Lesson Page

Six Monthly Payments
of $500/month

Easy to digest monthly payments.
  • Login Page
  • Welcome Page
  • My Account Page
  • Reusable Order Form *For Stripe Users
  • Reusable Course/Membership Dashboard Page
  • Reusable Module or Lesson Page