Simplicity is the Key Ingredient
Your Website is Missing


I’ve got a tasty thought for you to nibble on today.

Where has something gotten really complicated that doesn’t need to be and how can you…

Simplify it?

Here’s how you can simplify anything on your website in 5 minutes or less. Are you ready…

Wait for it…

Hop over to your website and think about the thing that seems the most complicated. That thing that you know you should have done (or halfway did) ages ago.

And imagine if that thing took only ONE step, involved only ONE action, or led to only ONE outcome.

By simplifying something that seems massive and making it about ONE thing you’ll be able to free up a TON of your time.

For example:

If your goal is to bring in more paying clients… what’s the ONE thing that needs to happen on your website to get that party started?!?

Maybe it’s a big sass button like this one…



Boom, now here’s where things start to get COMPLICATED!

Your mind will race with things like…

What happens when they click on this button, I need to make an automated email delivery sequence that gives someone everything they need to know about what comes after they click on this big sass button…

Before you know it… that sneaky little button takes hours of brain power to sift through because there are sooooo many ways a big sass button can go.

Simplify your button!

What’s the easiest way to get someone from clicking on that button to taking that next step you want them to take to booking a free session with you?!?

Make this part easy for peeps to chat with you.

Link it to your scheduler and let your scheduling system do all the heavy lifting for you!

Do not… I repeat… do not:

  • Make this button link to a series of you’re right to book a chat session with me if… you’re ready to spend a gazillion dollars to work with me.
  • Make this button about how someone can buy something from you.
  • Make this button about anything you focused at all.

Simplify this button and make it all about time well spent chatting with someone that wants to talk to you.

Amen and more of that please!

It took me less than 15 minutes to write this post, make that chat button, and share this piece of advice with you.

15 minutes well spent if it makes this ONE important step easier, clearer, and more “readier” for peeps to do the same with you on your website!!!

What can you simplify on your website today to make it easier for peeps to work with you by this time tomorrow?

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