My Favorite Scheduling System Revealed

There are oodles of online scheduling tools and systems out there from free to a whole lot of dough.

But, if you’re going to be serving clients one-on-one style you’ll want to start this off right by using a paid system with automatic booking to make the scheduling magic happen.

My favorite scheduling system is Schedule Once.

I’ve been using it to serve my clients since 2013.

What to look for in your scheduling system.

Time zones are handled!

The best thing about going with a pro scheduling system is that it takes the confusion out of figuring out time zones. Your client sees the times that are available to them based on their time zone and you see the time they picked in your time zone.

This is pretty magical if you ask me!

Appointment reminders are automatically sent.

When you’re using a scheduling system you’ll have fewer cancellations and “no show” appointments because your clients will get reminder emails sent to their inbox with the time and where you’re meeting up.

Free chat session button or widget for your website.

You can book free discovery call sessions from any page on your website with a cool box on the bottom right corner of your website. Just like mine looks right here!

Freedom from your inbox.

If your clients have been scuttling emails back and forth with you over picking out a time to meet, having a scheduling system will eliminate all of that in two shakes.


Which Schedule Once package should you start out with?

I recommend going with the Premium plan because it’ll give you everything you need to get those client appointments all squared away.



Are there any other scheduling tools out there?

You betcha! I haven’t used any of them because I’ve been so happy with Schedule Once, but here are a few other ones I’ve heard about.


Acuity Scheduling

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