This is the sweet stuff that makes your business all that and the sprinkles.


The stuff I serve up wouldn't be nearly as sweet if I didn't have, love, and use these tools DAILY!

These are my affiliate links and if you purchase any of these using my link I am financially compensated at no additional cost to you.

Everything on this list is what I'm currently using the make the magic happen in my business.

AccessAlly Membership Plugin.

It's the only membership plugin that gives me everything I need so it's the only one I use and recommend.

You can use AccessAlly for...

Serving up your courses, freebies, challenges, and memberships!

I can do the membership site baking for you if you're using AccessAlly with my Course Frosting package.

PopupAlly Pro Polite Popups.

If there's one thing I can't stand is in your face popups. I love PopupAlly Pro because my site visitors get to choose if they want to hear from me or not and I get to serve up popups that match my brand!

If you're looking to create a seamless way for peeps to hop on your list, PopupAlly Pro has got you covered.

ProgressAlly for quizzes, and gamification

I love ProgressAlly because it'll give your customers an amazing experience inside your course or membership site. You can let your peeps track where they're at, skip to a special spot in your videos, pop in social media sharing and so much more!