How to pull off a disappearing act – Kimberly Gosney

Yes I know.

You haven’t heard from me in a few weeks.

I haven’t disappeared.

Or have I?!?

Thank you for the kind emails wondering where I’ve been and asking when you’ll hear from me.

I’ve been in a cave working on something top secret.

I pulled a mini disappearing act!

I’ve been hard at work coming up with something AMAZING. Yes, really AMAZING. So AMAZING that it’s reached an all caps kind of moment here at KG Housequarters.

I’m working on bringing everything I know to trying out something new.

I looooooooove trying out new stuff. I do it all the time.

If you haven’t tried doing something new. It’s time for you to go for it.

In a few weeks. Yes, even though it’s almost time for Santa to bust out in his sleigh.

I’m pulling all nighters, learning Keynote and creating …

My first ever, wait for it…

Get Your Website On™ Planners!!!!

Woooo hoooooo. Roll out the pink carpet and get ready because I’m going to work with YOU in 2015 to bring sparkle to the website building process by launching something WAY different than anything I’ve ever done before.

Yippee Skippy.

And, I’m giving you the first little taste (stole that from an Iggy Azalea + JLo.)

I’m sharing these Get Your Website On™ Calendar pages. Straight from my soon to be launched into the universe Get Your Website On planner.

Grab the calendar sheets right here!

And, put my planners on your Christmas list.

Santa’s watching you right now.

Mark your calendar for December 1st. When the whole sparkly she-bang launches.

Glory Be!

Hugs to you and your website,


Click here for your FREE Calendar sheets. The rest will be revealed on December 1st.

It won’t be free, but it will be 100% AMAZING.

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