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“One of the many things I loved about working with Kimberly was her patience in answering all of my questions. Her positive attitude, helpful suggestions, and clear explanations made working together a joy.”

Susan’s Problem

Susan had two courses that were on two different websites and she had two more future courses in the works. Susan wanted to have all of her now and future courses in one sweet spot! Susan knows WordPress, but didn’t want to spend months trying to figure out how to create her Legacy Lounge site.

What Tools Were Used


Blox Theme: A theme for WordPress

AccessAlly Pro*: A membership and gamification plugin for WordPress formerly called AccessAlly + ProgressAlly

ConvertKit: email marketing for professional bloggers.

Stripe: for taking online payments.

How I Helped Susan

I built Susan’s membership site using branding and wireframes she made in Canva.

I added two special spots for Susan’s courses, a programs page, two sales pages, and order forms to give Susan everything she needed to launch her site within a few short weeks.

Then, I hopped into ConvertKit and created the emails that send out login information to her new paying lounge members.

How Susan Helped Me

Susan was really prepped and ready to go and made her own page wireframes, picked out her color palette, had her course content, and imagery before we got started. Because Susan knows WordPress so well she styled and added in her page copy too!

Susan asked lots of great questions which kept her project flowing smoothly and on time!

A Few Pics From Inside Susan’s Legacy Lounge Site





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