PicMonkey – Shut The Font Door – Kimberly Gosney


Every once in a while a friend says something to me like…

“Hey Kim, did you know that you can use your own fonts on PicMonkey?”

That’s all it takes to get me typing in PicMonkey’s URL faster than I start sweating in the North Carolina heat. (Yep! My car thermometer hit 106 degrees yesterday, and it ain’t even July.)

I have had a LOVE/HATE relationship with PicMonkey since I first tried using it a couple of months ago.


The Bokeh backgrounds (loved, loved, loved, loved).

The easy step to making solid backgrounds. (makes me smile every time.)

The cool new shapes (finally a heart that I can create in seconds).


Being locked into ONLY using a handful of fonts when I’m a flipping…



Tweet this! Shut the FONT door? PicMonkey just made fonts the way you like ’em.

PicMonkey must have been a fly on the wall hearing my rantings and ravings – and cravings for being able to use Carolyna Pro Black, Bombshell Pro and Corner Store with a few clicks of the mouse.


Can you feel it? I’m sure feeling it.

Check out this tutorial on how you can use your OWN freaking fonts on PicMonkey.

PicMonkey is freeing fonts everywhere. Click HERE to get a free week of PicMonkey Royale – the royale way to get your graphics on.

PS – You’ll hear me mention one of the most amazing peeps I know in this video…

Dr. Michelle Mazur. She just launched the BEST course ever if you’ve BEEN to a live event raked over the coals trying to talk about what you do. It’s coming up next week, and I hope you’ll get your buns on over and check it out.

PSS – The raving endorsement above? Affiliate link you ask? Nope. Just a big HUG for a KICK ASS entrepreneur that has the goods to help you find your voice and use it to build your business. If you’ve noticed recently my own voice has started coming out of its shell. Due in part to Michelle saying, “Hey Kim, why don’t you just write like you’re writing to a friend.” DAMN good advice, Michelle.

Hugs and free your voice and your fonts,


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