No such thing as skipping those baby steps. – Kimberly Gosney

Hello there big dreamer!

Yes, I’m talking to Y-O-U.

It’s really lovely to take big strides and make things happen. I know. It’s like everyone and their mother is waking up to million dollar pay days overnight magically in their sleep.

It’s soooooo tempting to start dreaming big and thinking about all the stuff you need to have on your website by tomorrow morning to grab a piece of the big ole moolah pie.

I hear you!!!

I’d do nothing but sleep all day long if every time my head hit my pillow my PayPal account was blessed with million dollar wake up calls!!!

Sweet mercy on my soul. You’d catch me trying to catch a half million dollar nap on my big red cozy couch every afternoon. Drool stains on my pillow. Ceiling fan on full blast.

I’d get chills for those kind of afternoon naps.

For sure.

But, guess what.

There’s a tiny problem that’s invading your atmosphere.

You missed the baby steps along the way.

You got stuck on the idea of what happens when you make it big.

Without thinking about all the tiny steps that made that million dollar “overnight success” happen.

ESPECIALLY when it comes to those days of newly hatched websites or no website at all.

You never saw the first version of that “big time success” website.

You saw the carefully executed, well deserved, big girl website. The one that a team branded, designed, polished, photographed, and crafted. Not the first one that they diy-ed or launched before they starting seeing traction in their business.

You never saw or barely remember the awkward fledgling newbie one.

Which brings me right back to you and specifically your website.

It’s OK if you don’t wake up to piles of money yet. But, it’s never OK for you to gloss over the important, yet awkward – fledgling newbie website phase of your business.

That’s the place where you are. If you skip it later on a year or two down the road you’ll realize that what you’ve got really isn’t what you wanted in the first place.

Because it hopped, skipped and jumped right out of your hands and became something you weren’t ready for.

Or worse yet!

You’ll spend tons of money getting the look and feel of a person that wakes up to piles of money before you have the knowledge to earn it.


You’ll give up because you can’t launch your baby steps because they never feel big enough compared to someone else’s bestest ever site on planet Earth.

What if you woke up like this tomorrow instead?!?

Exactly as you are and you grow from there?

How amazing would it feel to be in a site that feels like your comfy red couch that you take your best naps on with the ceiling fan blasting on high. Instead of waking up in a mansion with no furniture to fill it or no food in your fridge.

What if you let yourself off the hook for having the perfect everything and just did the damn best you could with what you’re working with?!?

Instead of holding it up to the looking glass of people that sat where you did ten years ago and are now a little more seasoned that you are.

What if you built a business you love instead of obsessing about the perfect website?!?

What could you make happen using just the power you have inside your heart and a well designed PLAN for how to start exactly where you are and with what you NEED most in the world based on how much MOOLAH you’re currently making?!?

Now that’s what I’m talking about!

Comment below if a little bit of that kind of website will do ya just right and I’ll share something special just with you on how we’re going to start making this kind of site building happen for you ASAP.

Hugs and comments are more than welcome – as always!!!!



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  1. Valri Gaines Hamilton on July 28, 2015 at 6:00 pm

    Perfect, Kimberly! Start where you are. Right?

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