MHP 7: Think About Your Vision – Kimberly Gosney

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Today I’d like for you to think about your vision. The vision you have for your business. So many times we find ourselves hunkering down and working harder to “get there” but we have no idea where “getting there” is so it’s like we’re running this race and we have no idea where the finish line is.

So we just keep running and running until we get exhausted and stop running.

You can’t start Making Headway until you start to Think About Your Vision.

Your vision is the stuff that keeps you motivated, driven, and hungry to keep moving forward. It’s the place you see your business moving towards and what all the hard work inside your business looks like when it “gets there.”

Here is one quick step to get you to think about your vision.

If you were able to take a peek one year into the future and everything in your business was flat out perfect and dreamy what would that look and feel like for you?

That’s the only action step I’ve got for you today just to think about your vision and jot down the first things that come to your mind in five minutes or less.

Save this for tomorrow when we start to Define Your Vision.

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