Making Taglines :: Your Tagline In 5 Minutes Or Less – Kimberly Gosney

Response to this has been overwhelming!

Click on the link below to grab your copy. I’d also LOVE for you to share this with a friend or anyone you run across that seeks out tagline advice on Facebook.

Making Taglines :: Your Tagline In 5 Minutes Or Less.

Allergic to reading? Here’s the audio version. PS – I’m allergic to reading too.

Making Taglines :: The Audio Guide To Creating Your Tagline In 5 Minutes Or Less.


  1. Cara Viana on March 7, 2014 at 8:56 pm

    I absolutely loved this! I personally am a purple unicorn, so I felt like you wrote this just for me and even included a likeness. 😉
    Honestly thought after reading and thoroughly enjoying your guide, I took out my pen and (with a tiny bit of annoyance that it wasn’t just instantly in my head) I began to jot ideas. I kept catching myself taking it too seriously and reminded myself not to obsess. I got the tag line written in a few minutes, under 10 for sure. As I logged into my Facebook page to enter it I saw an area to write a long description of my page. I clicked there and what flowed (in seconds) was the best description of my work that I have ever written! You must have shared some unicorn magic with me! THANK YOU! much appreciation.

  2. pro365 on March 12, 2014 at 12:01 pm

    Cara I’m so happy for you! It’s exciting to see you take that tagline and description and go with it. You trusted yourself and it flowed. Hooray! I’m so happy that you not only created an amazing tagline, but also a fantastic description too! Way to go, Cara.

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