Making Mailchimp – Kimberly Gosney

Ever wonder Mailchimp, Madmimi or Aweber?

Here’s my honest review of Mailchimp. It’s Making Mailchimp Day.

What I love about Mailchimp:

  • The easiest email marketing system to use if you want to add a fancy pants opt in box underneath your header. All of my subscriber boxes are Mailchimp.
  • It’s drag and drop customizable. If there’s any one thing that I always look for it’s drag and drop because it’s easy peasy to use. This means you get to put stuff just where you want it.
  • You can change the font sizes and colors with just a few clicks of the mouse.
  • There’s a free version if you want to test some of the features out before you spend your hard earned money.

What I’d change in a heartbeat if I worked for Mailchimp.

  • There’s a whole slew of emails sent to people at the beginning of the opt in process. Especially if you make the newbie mistake of forgetting to turn off old autoresponders. I’ve done it. I had a subscriber that got 6, yes 6 emails from me in one hour.
  • If you’ve got multiple mailing lists you have to create a new email campaign for each list you want to send your message to. This means you have to replicate and send out separate email campaigns to each list you have if you want to send them the same message.

To be super honest, Mailchimp is the mailing list service that I use for all of my newsletter subscribers. I’m over the moon thrilled with Mailchimp and believe that you couldn’t ask for a more newbie friendly solution to sending your email campaigns. There you have it. If you click here you’ll be able to check out Mailchimp for yourself.

I hope you’ll try it out and see if it works as great for you as it does for me. I’d love to hear from you. What questions do you have about your mailing list services? Post your questions here and I’ll help you figure it out.

Update! In late 2014 I switched over my mailing list from Mailchimp to Infuionsoft, but I still highly recommend Mailchimp if you’re just starting your list.

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