Make WordPress Beg You For Mercy – Kimberly Gosney

Picture it.

You’ve got 30 minutes before you’re going to have to collapse into bed. You’ve got to get up super early to go to work tomorrow, but you have to write your blog post for the week.

You hop on your site and then …

You can figure out how to embed that video you made last week.

The clock is ticking and you’re running out of time.

You have to get this done, yet you don’t have time to waste. You’ve got to go to bed or you’ll never get up in the morning in time.

Sure. You could push through it. Violate The Gremlin Rule (no working after midnight!) When just at the very last second you hit the save button and your post disappears like dust in the freaking wind.

OMG the power just went out.

What in the world is WordPress trying to do to you! And, now the power company too.


No fancy post for you today. No killer video tutorial. Just an invite for you to join me on Tuesday, June 9th from 2:00pm EST to get your WordPress questions answered LIVE online with me and a group of peeps.

Bring your questions. I’ve got the answer. In just one hour we’ll cover the basics of how to do stuff in WordPress like:

  • Embedding your videos.
  • Creating password protected pages.
  • Adding plugins…and so much more!

Anything you’d like to know that I can answer for you in an hour. Just like that.

It’s all that and a keyboard.

FREE for you just because I know WordPress is getting on your nerves and I want to kick it’s butt for real.

RSVP for Making WordPress by clicking the pic below!

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