I'm A KIM-NADO – Kimberly Gosney

Today’s post is for anyone and everyone that’s ever kept their personality bottled up because someone else told them they had to.


Listen in to the songspiration for today’s post that was suggested by  Pamela Morgan. A great theme song really makes all the difference.

I took a personality test recently that said that I thrive in chaos. Very true I thought. I’m a tornado. This reminded me of a job evaluation that I received about 8 years ago.

During this evaluation, my boss mentioned that some people were like gusts of wind and some people were like tornadoes.

I was a tornado.

And, in this case being a tornado wasn’t a good thing.

It meant that I needed to stop standing out. Stop being myself. And, to start bottling up my personality because people around me were getting nervous. They were nervous because…

I was shaking things up. Doing things differently, or maybe they just didn’t get me.

It really doesn’t matter.

But, what does matter is this. I bottled up my tornado. Kept it hidden in a jar. Only to have it snap back to me 8 years later. In the form of a personality test that said I thrive in chaos. And that reminded me of being a tornado.

Only this time, I didn’t see it the way I did 8 years ago.

I thought to myself. What if being a tornado is a freaking fantastic amazing thing? What if being a tornado means…

I’m a force of nature. A big personality with a big dream, a big goal and an even bigger desire to shake things up blow the roof off of things and toss stuff in the air and make stuff happen?

Then, I posted for the entire world that I’m a tornado. And, I’m cluttered, love chaos and like to get things done.

And, instead of 8 years ago feeling all bottled up inside…

I thought. I’m a KIMNADO. Looking for a business to shake.

So, what does this have to do with you? Tornadoes are great, but so are gusts of wind, gentle breezes or even hurricanes. IF they make you think about your business and life. And, how you can bend with the wind and flourish in any situation.

  1. What do you need to shake up to move out of your comfort zone?
  2. Where have you been a gust of wind when you needed to be a tornado?
  3. Where have you bottled yourself up to fit in?

Now I’d love to go on and give you the steps that you need to take to do this, but there’s a giant problem with that. You have to go through this storm on your own. But, I do have this tornado advisory that is in effect for you:


I’m waiting to see your force of nature shake things up.

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