The Most Important Email You'll Ever Send – Kimberly Gosney

Here’s a hint it’s not some automated PDF thingy that you put together and serve up via Mailchimp, ConvertKit, or Infusionsoft.

If you’ve got a tiny list (less than 1500 people) like me and your business isn’t making a gazillion bajillion dollars. You’ve got time to make a great first impression and that starts with the most important email you’ll ever send.

The email that welcomes someone new to your list.

Do not automate this email if you’ve got a tiny list.

Instead, use this email as a powerfully engaging way to build connection with the person that took time out of their day to fill out your form and jump on your list.

Make your welcome email a powerfully engaging experience.

Here’s your welcome email recipe!

Step 1: Your thank you page.

Get your new subscriber prepped and ready. Tell them that they’re not getting some crappy automated something or another from you. But, that instead you are going to personally write them an email that will arrive in their inbox tomorrow. Pop a link to your email address on your thank you page and ask your new subscriber how they found you or what made them hop on your list.

An action step on a thank you page gives you instant insight into your new fan.

Step 2: Your powerfully engaging welcome email.

You’ll want to personalize this email and you can really knock someone’s socks off by doing a little research on them before you send the email. Maybe they love cats! You can share a pic of your cat with them in your powerfully engaging welcome email.

You’ll also want to leave them with an action step. Something like…

What’s keeping you awake at night? or What’s got you stuck and how can I help?

Step 3: Hit send.

Then rinse and repeat. Do this process for each and every new person on your list from now going forward. Oh, and you can totally do a happy dance in your LulaRoe leggings, I know I sure do!


Because you’ve created this powerfully engaging way to welcome a new subscriber to your list you’ll be less likely to attract inbox zombies!

Now I’d love to hear from you!

Is this something you feel you can do to help you create a powerfully engaging brand?!? I’m all ears! Pop your comments in the box below.

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