How To Pre-Promote Your Membership


If you’ve been thinking about creating a membership one of the hardest parts is getting your first 100 members.

I know because I’ve been there!

When I first dipped my toes into creating my first monthly membership (by turning my 2014 site design course into a monthly membership model in 2016) it backfired big time!

It totally bombed. It was the same content that my course had in it (plus a whole lot more), it was the same person running it (moi), and it was a really solid idea.

So why did it fail?

  • I focused heavily on content creation versus marketing and spreading the word.
  • I didn’t have a consistent way to find and nurture new members.
  • I expected it to be a huge success and felt like an epic failure when it didn’t pan out.

My best tip is to start promoting your membership at least 60 days before you open it.

I want you to be successful, happy, and to love the membership you’re creating and to feel good about the time and energy you’re putting into your membership.

I want you to do it soooo much better than I did!

You have to get the word out, show your expertise, and make sure that you’re doing everything you can to build your list and get some buzz going around your membership. That way you’ll be able to reach your first 100 members quickly and easily.

Here are 3 ways to start promoting your membership.

1. Create a simple landing page ASAP.

The best way to know if your membership idea is going to be a winner is by sending people to a simple landing page that offers them something for free related to your membership topic (like a webinar or 5-day challenge.) Don’t overthink this! It can be simple and effective without being too fancy in this beginning promo stage.

And don’t buy into the hype that you need expensive landing page or funnel software to make this happen.

My favorite tool for this is PopupAlly Pro which is a huge value at only $99 bucks versus spending that much PER month on those fancy landing page and funnel systems that look meh at best.

2. Make it easy for your subscribers to raise their hand (or not.)

No matter what size your list is one thing is certain- you need to know who the people are on your list that wants to find out more about your membership. The best and easiest way is to “email invite” them to join your free webinar or 5-day challenge.

You’ll do this once a week for four weeks in a row. You can even write a blog post to share why they should sign up! Like I’m doing with this post right here. 🙂

Once again! No fancy tools needed. You’re going to send them to your landing page (click here to see it) or an opt-in that’s in your post (the box below.)

This is a 100% sleaze-free way to let your list and anyone visiting your blog what you’re up to while letting them choose if they want to participate or not by raising their hand!

You’ll send out an email a week for four weeks to your whole list and after that, you’ll only send emails to the people that raised their hand!

You can even take this a step further and let them click a link in your emails to say they’re not interested in this but they want to stay on your list- how nice is that!

3. Create a popup Facebook group 30 days before your membership launch.

Set aside a special place to connect with your free webinar or 5-day challenge participants and hop in there randomly and answer questions and give feedback. This popup group gives you a chance to build trust and create a connection with the people that raised their hands to find out more!

This popup group is flexible and nice for you and your participants because it’s only open for a short period of time so it inspires people to take action.

And there you have it!

Now you can start promoting your membership so you not only have a great membership, but you’ve got some great people in it other than just you. #nocrickets

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