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Nothing is more exciting than freshening up the look of your website. Especially if you’re bored with the look, your business has grown, or your branding no longer looks right.

Here are a few quick tips for how to freshen up your website while staying pretty and polished in the process.

Tip #1: Keep your web fonts and web colors basic.

Did you know that brightly colored fonts and swirly curvy headings can be a total PITA when you’re rebranding your website? Colors and fonts that are part of your site design can be tricky to remove once they’re in there and you might have to go back to your designer to swap them out.

But, you can save oodles of money, keep your design consistent, and have a site that’s easier to read if you keep the website fonts and colors to something basic like black or gray. Then your future rebranding will be a snap and your copy won’t require tons of editing and your wording will stay consistent.

I love black and gray for font colors, and Helvetica or Lato for headings and page titles.

This comes 100% from my own personal experience with Vidaloka, pink, green, and blue everywhere in my copy on my posts and pages.

Tip #2: Change your imagery, not your structure.

To quickly freshen up your brand grab a new set of styled stock images or book a new photoshoot. By having 4-5 new images that really look like how you want your brand to feel you’ll be able to freshen things on your website quite nicely.

You can use your new images in the header areas of your site, down the sidebar, and on your sales pages. You can even make featured images for your posts and update your social media too!

Tip #3: Plan it out before you dig in.

Nothing is worse (totally telling on myself here) than freshening things up without having a clear idea of what needs to change before you know it you’re rebranding a whole site.

Use a Google Doc or Evernote to make a “freshening up list” of the pages that you need to work on and start with the ones that are the most visible on your site like your Home, Blog, About, and Work With Me Pages.

Use this list as a punch list to stay focused on one sweet page at a time and you’ll be all freshened up before you know it!

There you have it my top tips for how to freshen up your website. Now it’s your turn! What are you going to freshen up on your website first? Pop your thoughts in the comment box below.

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