Sometimes thinking about building your website makes it so big that it becomes a raging website elephant.

Website Elephant by Kimberly Gosney

If it’s needing to be done on your website and you’ve been waiting to do it – chances are you’re about to have a website elephant on your hands. Rather than bringing you to tears thinking about how enormous your website is becoming.

I thought it would be more fun to show you how to eat your website elephant. One bite at a time. Four bites in all.

Yay!!! For taking action and making your website happen.

You’ll be surprised at just how fast that website elephant will get itty bitty sized. And, what a load off your mind it will be to get back to the business of building your empire – not building your website.

Oh, yeah!


PS – I can’t wait to hear from you in the comments below. How are you eating your website elephant? And, if this video helped you take a big bite out of your website elephant – please share it with a friend.

UPDATE: This post has become one of my most popular of all time so in June 2016 I sprinkled in a little masterclass to give you 5 tips for eating your website elephant.

If you’d like to dig in to the Website Elephant Masterclass click the Yes, Please button below.


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