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How To Breathe Life Into Your Comments Section – Kimberly Gosney

Is your website comments section feeling a little like a week old loaf of bread?

Or a dried out bush blowin’ in the wind?

Boring, stale and just plain sad …

Why not breathe a little life into your comments section with this 5 minute fix. Oh, my glory be!


Watch below to find out how you can update your crusty, stale, sad, boring blog comments section in 5 minutes or less.

Resource mentioned in this how to http://disqus.com
Don’t leave me twisting out here in the wind. Comment once you’ve added Disqus to your site.

  • Martha's SOS says:

    Hey Kimberly, I have to agree with you about disqus. I’ve been using this plugin for about 4 years. It is a lot fun 😉

  • Mihaela Telecan says:

    Hi Kimberly this was AWESOME I’ll get this plug in for sure. Thanks for sharing.

  • Tatiana Golovina says:

    Great tips Kimberly! I love how much value you always deliver!!

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