Step 1: Join The SimplyBold™ Masterclass

In this masterclass, I'll take you on a behind the scenes tour of webinars, challenges, courses, and memberships served up inside one sweet spot online! You'll learn the tools, tech, and systems that make this all possible while creating your very own membership launch plan.

Step 2: Schedule A Chat

After you've watched the SimplyBold Masterclass, book a chat session with me and we'll review your launch plan and uncover which one of my site design packages is the right for you!

Step 3: Order Your Package

Now that we've chatted about your launch plan you can confidently order the package that's right for you based on your unique business needs!

Step 4: Implementation Week

You pick the week and I show up and work my magic.

Monday and Tuesday are design and integration days. Wednesday we meet to review your site. Thursday I'll make tweaks so it's all yippy skippy. On Friday we'll meet up again for a walkthrough tour and to talk about your ongoing support options.

You can launch as early as Monday of the next week!

Step 5: Get Ongoing Support

After implementation week you pick the level of support you'd like from me that fits best for your needs!