Headway Themes Review: A Peek At 4.0 – Kimberly Gosney

I’m super stoked to be sharing a few peeks of Headway Themes 4.0. I’ve been testing it out since it was in beta mode this review was made with version 4.0.7.

To recap Headway Themes version 4.0.7 is a powerful tool to create your site on. You’ll have all the ease of drag and drop with the flexibility to create anything that you envision for your site design.

My favorite features of Headway Themes 4.0.7 are:

  • Blended Layout (Grid) and Design Modes so it’s easy peasy to move between the two views.
  • Hamburger Mobile Menu – yay! we’ve got a mobile hamburger menu finally.
  • Put things anywhere you want to see them on the screen (not just top to bottom and left to right anymore) and they’ll be there on desktop view.
  • Mobile view for tablets and smartphone (no grabbing your iphone and ipad to see how your site looks on mobile anymore.
  • Premade blocks in popular layout styles that you can drop on your site and style quickly.

What’s coming in the next update:

  • Headway Themes is working to correct an ordering issue with mobile blocks that shows them top to bottom, left to right – instead of left to right top to bottom.

Headway Themes is hands down my favorite theme for creating your site. Feel free to pop in any comments or questions you’ve got about Headway 4.0 right here.

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