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Have you met tweakerilla? – Kimberly Gosney

Tweakerilla is here to crush your site building mojo.

(You’ll want to watch this if you’ve got a website that you’re tweaking and haven’t launched yet.)


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Courtney Johnston

  • Ferris Jay says:

    I loved this Kimberly, it’s great advice. I’m a bit of a tweakerilla too, well I am in my head anyway as I’m always thinking of things to tweak and change. I don’t mind though, as it feels more like gentle changes than a major overhaul.
    I’m so glad I did lauch it before I felt it was right, otherwise it would still be under wraps!
    I couldn’t have done it without being in Making Headway though and I still learn so much all the time from your courses Kimberly (and the MH community is the best).

  • Yes!!!! Ferris you really made my day. Thank for you the green juice recipes <3 and thank you for going for it and launching through the fear part!!!

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