Has your website turned into a pretty little money grubbing monster? – Kimberly Gosney

Today, we’re talking about a silent biz killer. The dirtiest of all the dirty words.


Profitability is a 13 letter word that’s treated a lot like a four letter word in business. A word that gets whispered in a hush hush voice and mentioned only around tax time. It’s the one word that all newbie entrepreneurs tread lightly around or never ever think about.

Let’s rip the band aid off right now.

1-2-3 …

How profitable was your business last year?

And, take a deep breath …

How profitable is your business right now?!?

Do you know the answer to both of those questions? If not, you’re not alone. Most people don’t want to know how profitable their business is. They just want to worry about how to bring in more and more new clients and how to grow bigger and bigger (to bring in more clients.)

But, if you’re not super, duper careful you’ll have a pretty little money grubbin’ moster website on your hands.

Or worse yet. No website at all because everything will start getting to expensive (too hot to handle) and you’ll just stop trying and give up on the very business that you love most in the world.


It doesn’t have to be this way! If you tackle your website profitability early on in your business you’ll be able to keep your pretty little money grubbin’ monster at bay.

To help you spot it when you see it, here are three signs you’re creating a pretty little money grubbin’ monster website.

  1. You’re thinking about creating a membership site or selling a thousand dollar course before you’ve launched your website or before you’ve put up your first opt-in offer.
  2. You can’t make simple decisions and you’re bouncing around from website theme to theme (color to color, font to font, something or another to something or another) without being able to make a quick decision.
  3. You’ve been trying to create your first opt-in for longer than two hours.

If you’re wastin’ your time thinking about what will look good to your peers or all the fancy stuff you need to officially “launch” your website.

You’re hanging out in pretty little money grubbin’ monster territory.

For sure.

I’m here to help you because in 2014 I created just this type of website.

My very own pretty little money grubbin’ website.

My whole goal in writing this today is because I don’t want you doing the same thing in your own business.

I’m going to give you a special mini training that I created just for you if your business is sitting at less than $25,000 in revenue.

It’s called …

Pretty Dang Profitable™ your under $25K in revenue website playbook. Click here to get this mini training for FREE.

Inside Pretty Dang Profitable™ I’m going to show you how to build your website and run it and everything you need in your business for an entire year for $707. That’s less than $60/month to build a business that looks almost identical to the one that I ran for almost five months on expenses of …


You’ll have FREE access once you register to this mini training AND the slides for 24 hours. Headway Kickstart members have access for as long as you’re a member.

Hugs to you and your Pretty Dang Profitable™ website. It’s the best kind of freedom you’ll ever find. And, I really hope that you love this mini training. It’s the first one like this that I’ve ever created.

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