Fear-iends With Benefits – Kimberly Gosney

Today I’m talking about the subtle things that friends bring to your business without knowing the impact they’ve made on your life.


Big shout out warning!!!

I love Ani Tashjian.

I love her like #chocolatechipcookies

And, right now – I swear I’d give her a BIG giant hug the BIGGEST one ever when I someday meet her in person.

Or maybe I’ll call her from my golden …


We were chatting about her website (which makes me #giggle) because there’s so much of her heart in every part of it. I hope she doesn’t mind me sharing this all #stalker style. But, here goes…

If you want a big pile of amazing icons that you can use on your website ones for:

Gold FB  Gold Twitter and everything else under the sun-2-48 wow-badge-48

Watch this video. And, thanks again Ani.

Big shout out also to IconsDB for making my day and life a whole lot brighter.

I’ve got to wear these …


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