Are you suffering from fancy website syndrome? – Kimberly Gosney


(Fancy Website Syndrome)

An epidemic of epic proportions.

Showing up in all kinds of spaces and places. Beggin’ you to take a peek at what everyone else is doing for “inspiration” before you can even pick out your first font.

Before you know it you’ve got a Facebook post beggin’ for help with 20 color palettes and they’re all only one shade of gray away from being the same.

That’s Fancy Website Syndrome.

20 million fonts and colors and you just need one of ’em. OK, well maybe two. I’ll give you two because colors and fonts can be such a freaking challenge oh my! Secret tip pick HELVETICA boom one font and you’re done!

Here’s the thing that will start to ruffle your website feathers.

Fancy Website Syndrome will start to feel like a stale week old loaf of bread. It might be okay to eat and hasn’t gotten moldy just yet. But, it sure doesn’t taste the same as a new loaf that you got off the shelf today.

I like to call this …

You’ve got 50 million ideas for being fancy and your website don’t need none of ’em.

Here are some of my favorite Fancy Website Syndrome goodies pulled straight out of my inbox.

Phew, it’s as hot as a bakery oven in my inbox right now so it didn’t take me but a second to find these FWS inspirations!

I want my website to look like her website only not exactly like her site because I don’t want to “copy” it. I just want my site to “feel” like it.

I have a site or two that I’d like my site to “feel” like. But, then it wouldn’t BE like ME. Don’t be tempted to even take a quick peek at any website that makes you want to “feel” like it because chances are you’re going to pick up some of it and it’s going to stick to your shoes!

I want to create an area for my membership classes and courses, but I haven’t launched my site yet. How should I set all that up and what should I use to make it happen?

You should launch your website FIRST and get to that later. Gracious mercy me oh my!!! You can’t worry about your membership site and course launchin’ if you don’t have a website.

In the South we call this …

Risin’ above your website raisin’.

Not really.

Southern peeps don’t talk about your website this way.

Just one of ’em ME.

You can’t worry about anything down the road if you don’t have the right place to put it in.

It’s like our new baby frog named Miracle.

This weekend my daughter said, Hey momma we get a sheet from school and if you sign it when we get it, I’ll get to adopt a baby frog from Science class.

Now we didn’t know exactly what day froggie adoptions were going to take place. But, we prepared for our froggie adoption.

We cleaned the heck out of our old fish tank, bought icky bloodworms, set up the tank and put water and conditioner in to make sure it was ready to go. We got to school an hour before it opened up and pranced down the hallway and shocked the heck out of the Science teacher by being the earliest peeps ever to collect a new froggie family member.

We were strategic, tactical and prepared as all get out because we wanted a frog so we got one.

But, we prepared BEFORE we got Miracle even dubbing it mission Frogmageddon.

(Only 15 frogs and 30 other critters and 100+ 4th graders. When we went back to school for real an hour later they were all out of froggies.)

You need to be the proud adopter of your website and set that up before you can have your very own course and membership Miracles.

Totally funny that we have a family story to go along with site building.

I’m getting ready to have my photo shoot next month so I can’t brand my site right now because it’s going to be different when I get my pictures taken. What should I do until then?!?

Take some dang pictures of yourself with your iphone or ipad and just get ’em on there. NOW.

The funnier the pictures the better. People really don’t care about the pictures on your website as much as you think they do! They only want to know that you’re a real live person that they can trust.

Nothing says trusty worthy real live person more to me than a real picture of you doing something in the real world. Especially if you’re doing something in your real live office area.

Try me if you don’t believe me and post a picture of you in your office on your website.

 The only cure for FWS is YOU.

Making decisions, taking action, making it happen.

Quickly, simply and strategically.

Fancy can be fun, but all we really need is YOU ready to show your launched website.

Phew, I’m exhausted because I don’t usually write so much. I want to hear from you. Have you ever had Fancy Website Syndrome? What did you do about it?!? Are you stuck in FWS now … comment here so I can help you out of it.

Big hugs to you and your website,


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