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I have a brilliant guest post for you today written by Dr. Michelle Mazur. Author of my new favorite book …

“Speak Up For Your Business: Presentation Secrets for Entrepreneurs Ready to Tell, Sell, and Compel”

This is the first time – ever! That I had a guest join me here on my site. She’s going to blow your mind today and help shape the way you present your message.

Hugs, Kimberly

You’re new to business. Busy bootstrapping your website, your marketing, your graphic design and having a ton of fun along the way.

Now, it’s time to bootstrap how you talk about your business.

But what holds people back?

Their inner F-bombs.

Flaws and foibles.

What F-bomb were you thinking of?

As new business owners, this duo of F-bombs tends to hold us back from getting out there and speaking our story.

But it doesn’t matter that we have these F-bombs, so long as we learn how to use, recover from, and thrive with them.

The best way to start promoting your business is to deal with your F-bombs and start speaking up at networking events, speaking gigs, webinars, videos, podcast and anywhere that will have you.

Let’s deal with those F-bombs shall we?


Let’s get your mind around this, there is no such thing as a flawless speaker. Speaking is an art that you constantly need to improve.

Here’s the truth, our flaws are what make us fun to watch. They’re what make us human. You might think that you talk too fast or too slow, you gesture too much or not enough, or the pitch of your voice is too high or too low.

But speaking isn’t Goldilocks and the Three Bears—you don’t have to be “just right.” You just have to do your best and have kick-ass content.

Embrace what in your mind are your flaws. They make you stand out. They’re what make you human instead of some kind of robot my nerdy junior high school boyfriend knew all about.

I want you to take one-minute, grab a pen and write down what makes you stand out, unique and just a little bit quirky.  (Hint: it begins with your personality).

Embrace the quirks – it’s what makes your stand out.


Speakers make mistakes. New business owners make mistakes all the time.

The truth you can and always bounce back from those mistakes.

Did you ever forget a part of your speech and afterwards think, “Man, I can’t believe I forgot that part. It was so important. I totally left it out.”

Honestly, this is the best kind of foible to have. No one in the audience knows what you left out, forgot, or didn’t say perfectly. Only you do.

What about mistakes the whole audience knows you made?

You know, like dropping the B-word in front of an entire audience of business professionals (yeah, I did this once…I swear it was an accident).

After I dropped the B-word, I was about to roll out the apologies, but as soon as I started an audience member shouted out, “Don’t be sorry. It’s hilarious.

Mistakes are always larger in our own minds than in those of our listeners.

Mistakes are magic. They transform you from being the all-knowing speaking guru on the stage to a real, authentic person made of human parts.

Go out there and start speaking up for your business.

Need more guidance bootstrapping what you want to say? Grab my book Speak Up for Your Business: Presentation Secrets for Entrepreneurs Ready to Tell, Sell, & Compel.

The world needs your business and your message. It’s time you start speaking about it.

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