Do You Have A Cupcake In The Sky Opt-in? – Kimberly Gosney

I’ll be the first to admit that I almost didn’t write this today.


The perfect optin or is it opt-in offer is something that I’ve been begging everyone I work with in the Making Headway Community to create.

The perfect way to create your very own cupcake in the sky dream optin (opt-in) that will have your clients and site visitors swooning over you like a girl looking at a Ryan Gosling photo.


But, alas.

No Ryan Gosling optin offer creation course or goodie to be found.

Because it’s just not an easy thing to do. To create a mouth watering, tantalizing optin (opt-in) offer that can be easy, effortless and gosh darn ready to put on your website NOW.

I’ll be the first to admit that it took me a year to figure out what my cupcake in the sky optin (opt-in) offer would be.

A WHOLE freaking year!

I ran it for the first time around Christmas in 2014. I had over 150 people sign up within the first few days. And that made me so happy that I wanted to dance around singing like a crazy person to Work by Iggy Azalea (which I did in my jammies!)

WOW! It was a whoa nellie kind of experience.

But, behind that cupcake optin in the sky there were a whole lot of half-baked cupcake optins that just plain sucked.

No one ever loved them like I did and no one noticed ’em. Little puffs of optin frosting dreams that just went up in smoke.

Burnt cupcake optins are the worst kind because they make your stomach hurt with possibility. Things churn around in your head like:

Would I have had a gazillion optins if I had forked over big money to Facebook? Maybeeeeeeee.

Would I have had a gazillion optins if I had posted in just the right Facebook group? Had a big name celebrity do a photo shoot of me with my optin eating cupcakes in the kitchen. Maybeeeeeeeee.

But, none of that really matters. Because half-baked or not there’s an even worse kind of optin to have…


If you don’t have your cupcake in the sky optin offer it wouldn’t matter if you got naked and covered yourself in frosting. Because you wouldn’t be able to make anything happen. Let alone building a business because the optin is a crucial piece of your business.


Ewwwwww. I sure hope the image of me covered in frosting didn’t scare you right out of your skivies.

Is skivies a word? Hmmmmm.

Any whoooo. So here’s the deal.

I’m tired of writing blog posts that may or may not get your attention. It’s like waving my hand in the air at a Virginia Tech football game and hoping the camera sees me in a crowd of thousands. What really frosts my cupcake lately is to work with a laser beam focused SMALL group of women that really want to build a business and grow it up right.

Go Hokies!!!! Let’s go Hokies!!!

So, instead I’m trying something different from now on.

Every week I’m inviting you to join me for a real, live cupcake raising celebration of all the special parts of business that can be so gosh darn hard to learn. So, I’m going to SHOW YOU how I baked my cupcake in the sky optin and help you create yours.

Just you, me and really intimate group of cupcake in the sky entrepreneurs building an optin together. YOUR OPTIN.

Click here for the deets on Making Optins.

I promise that if I can tackle the English nightmare of spelling optin or opt-in and getting over that bloody mess I can help you with your optin.

Big hugs and heaps of heavily frosted optins,


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