Divi And Headway Themes Holding Hands? – Kimberly Gosney

For the last two weeks peeps have been asking me about the brand spanking new Divi plugin.

It’s being touted by the “experts” as the answer to your prayers.

I’ve gotta raise my hand and say…nope, Divi and Headway Themes holding hands will not be happening on my site.

Look away.

Don’t be enticed by this shiny new object.

It’s not going to be the answer to anything – except how to waste three or four hours of your time (if you’re lucky) all the while leaving you scratching your head and wishing you’d invested your moolah somewhere else.

It’s just not the miracle cure right now.

And, it breaks my heart to say it to you.

I had such high hopes when I purchased it last week and got to work on testing it out to write this review for you. The tests were sooooooo bad that I didn’t even screenshot them.

Beyond bad.

As a matter of fact, my test of it was sooooo bad that I was tempted to say nothing and just ignore all the peeps asking me about my advice on the plugin because I just didn’t want to be “the one” that said something sooooo different from what every “expert” out there is YouTubing and posting about.

I’m wondering if it’s just because it’s buggy and new?!?

A really valid point.

Maybe it should come with a mild disclaimer that it’s just not meant to hold hands with something as powerful as Headway Themes?!? I didn’t test it all alone because I’m 100% in love with Headway Themes and there’s only one other plugin of this “new breed” of themes turned plugin that I like holding hands with my Headway Themes.

That’s Optimize Press.

But, make no mistake about it Headway Themes really doesn’t even need Optimize Press. At all.

I could go on ranting about why I’m #notimpressed with the new Divi plugin, but I’ll serve it up to say here at my top 3 reasons why you might like it – maybe and my top 3 reasons why I didn’t like it at all.

The new Divi Plugin won’t be holding hands with my Headway Themes website unless it gets a few more things right.

And, of course – my advice is just one opinion of what will be hundreds or thousands more since it’s a pretty big announcement so please do your due frosting and check it out for yourself if you’re curious or you think I’m wrong or you just flat out don’t agree with me.

Here we go!

Reasons you might like it:

#1: It gives you stuff that moves around, jiggles and snaps in place.

Buttons that fly in and images that “pop” can be created inside with the standard width blocks. Some peeps love wiggly jiggly stuff – side note from me. I personally hate it, so I’m glad that they made an off switch to keep your site visitors from getting migraines or feeling like they are on some weird acid trip.

#2 The buy buttons are to die for.

There I said it. I did LOVE the buy buttons. In that one spot it has the power to create a really simple and delightful hover button which did make me weak in the knees.

#3 You can make different column layouts for different sections of your site.

If you want 1/2 block and 1/2 block on a page you can have it. And, about a bajillion other interesting block layout combos. This can be done in Headway Themes too, but it’s tedious.

I <3 the word tedious. My daughter says she has tedious fingers. I’m not sure exactly what that means. But, she sure cracks me up saying it and she has a friend or two that have tedious fingers too.

Why I don’t love the new Divi Plugin.

(Again! This is my opinion only.)

#1: All the fancy opt-in buttons only support Mailchimp and Aweber.

Sure you can add Bloom in there too (I think?!?) But, what in the world is up with only supporting Mailchimp and Aweber users. No Infusionsoft support for opt-in buttons was my first big sigh. I was looking forward to fancy opt-in buttons.

#2: Full width and fluid width are two really different things.

In my mind I thought that maybe the new Divi plugin would be the Hail Mary for adding bright colored backgrounds and delicious imagery to multiple spots on a site or inside header areas (this stuff is easy peasy in Headway Themes for me, but a little tricky if you’re new to it.) But, I’m sad to report that you won’t get that easily. It gives full width NOT fluid width. And, there’s a big difference between the two. Especially if you’re not a fan of your blocks being suck in the middle surrounded by a border of white on your website.

This really disappointed me. A whole bunch.

Headway Themes brilliantly and deliciously serves up fluid and full width it just takes a little bit of work to use it multiple times on a page.

#3 All the good stuff isn’t available in all the places you want to use it.

Once you click full width inside a layout you’ve cut down your options to about 6 or 8 types of blocks that you can use. All the fancy stuff (including some important basics like text?!?) Aren’t available for the full width options. Sure if you limit yourself to standard page width you get a healthy heaping of options, but once you see those you feel a little sad that you can’t have ’em in a full width area.

Or that full width isn’t fluid width. Which takes me back to #2 above.

All in all I spent 3-4 torturous hours using this plugin and I ended up feeling like I wasted that on an experimental sales page that was sooooo bad I couldn’t even show it to peeps.

Again – just my opinion and I’d love to hear from you. Have you tried it? How did your tests go? Maybe it’s just me – but, I wished I’d saved my money and used it on something else.



  1. Ferris Jay on October 29, 2015 at 10:38 am

    Thanks for the Heads Up Kimberly, I’ll trust your judgement on the Divi plugin not playing nicely with Headway, so there will be no playdates between those two on my website.
    I’m just sorry you had to spend 3-4 hair pulling hours to find out, but thank you for persevering and letting us know your findings <3

    • Kimberly Gosney on October 30, 2015 at 10:29 am

      Big hugs Ferris!!!! <3 Girl, I'm sure if not for the fluid width pieces – it would be better?!?

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