The mighty sweet course & membership site that

Let me brand, build, and launch your course site for you.

(So you don't have to do it yourself!)

You've been serving 1-on-1 clients and asking great questions. There's always a moment or two in your work where your client has a breakthrough and seeing that transformation fuels you to find a way that you can help more clients get the same kinds of results.

But, you only have so many hours in a day to help your clients.

You'd love to find a way to help hundreds or thousands of people a year, where you can only serve a handful in your business right now.

You have a great idea for an online course to scale your business.

You're excited about making your course, but you're anxious because your mind is already racing about how you'll get the course to the people that buy it. You're unable to focus on creating your course because you are already researching all the fancy course websites out there.

You know the website stuff will hold you back and keep you from selling your course for months.

What if your site was built for you without you having to lift a finger?

All the website stuff was handled for you by an expert!

And, what if that expert showed up like a unicorn and did everything you needed to be done as if by magic without you feeling confused about what you're getting and how it's all going to work out?

Next month you'd be selling your course or membership with the perfect website and designer backing you up!



Here's a taste of what can be included in your Course Frosting experience.

I don't do cookie cutter packages, but these are my client favorites and your package will be tailored to your business needs! My monthly packages start at $2500 and include weekly face-to-face sessions with me!

Scrumptious Branding!

Fonts, colors, buttons, and imagery created special for your course website.

Your Course Pages!

Pages for one course or one membership area added to your site. I'll also add in your provided course content for you so you don't have to do it.

Core Pages

They aren't sexy, but these are the pages that make your course website customer friendly. Pages like your dashboard, login, and my account pages.

One Order Form*

You''ll have one order form integrated with Stripe so you can get paid for your course or membership.

Progress Tracking!

Keep your peeps moving through your course with ease because I'll add in text or video based objectives so your participants will always know where they're at.

Tutorial Library!

A special library of quickie tutorials showing you how to use your site. The library has you covered with all the basics you need to know to use your new site. And, if there's a tutorial you'd love to see that's not in the library, reach out and I'll add it for you.

But wait! There's more...

You'll also get these bonuses.

Valued at $1094

Landing Pages

Landing Page Frosting

One Scrumptious Landing Page!

Value $97

Nothing is worse than hearing crickets when you launch because you spent all your time creating your course and ONLY five minutes marketing it. That won't happen to you because the whole time I'm building your site, you'll have a landing page that's growing your list and letting you know who's ready to buy!


Sales Page Frosting!

Value $997

One scrumptious sales page for your course or membership that'll have people drooling to work with you. You bring the copy and I style it to perfection for you so your course will sell like hotcakes.

What's not included in Course Frosting.

  • I'm not able to write copy or create your course content, but I can build you one heck of a website!
  • I'm not able to offer hosting services or buy your domain name!
  • You'll need to purchase a license to use AccessAlly that's what powers your course website.
  • You'll need to be using Infusionsoft *HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, Ontraport, ConvertKit, or Active Campaign as your email service.

Want to chat with me about your course site, I'm all ears!

I work with four new clients per month and have THREE openings for September 5th.


Click here to schedule a time to chat with me about your website if you're not sure if Course Frosting is the right fit for you. But, I promise you it is going to fun, exciting, and oh so dreamy working with me!

How long does it take?

One month from start to finish for each layer of your project. During your FREE chat session, we'll talk about what's possible for you in the first layer of our work together. I build sites in layers because you get to start where you're at and grow your website at the pace and timeline that's right for you!

Do I need to have my entire course ready before I purchase Course Frosting?

No, you don't, but it sure does help if you do. I know people who can help you with creating your course content if things feel fuzzy for you in that department.

How much experience do you have?

Great question to ask! I've been building websites (I'm self-taught) since 2013. I spend tons of time and money to keep my skills sharp and to stay focused on being the best at what I do.

I'm also an AmbitionAlly Certified Partner and an Infusionsoft Certified Partner. You're working with a professional!

What if I've got more than one course or membership?

That's no problem! One course or membership spot is included in your Course Frosting package. Once that layer is complete you can hire me on an as needed basis for future course and/or membership layers you'd like added to your site.

Who will be working on my website?

When you're working with me I'll be the person working on your site. I'm not handing you off to anyone else because you're paying me for my expertise and I'll bring it every step of the way.

Do you offer a payment plan?

Yes, I do. Your payments can be broken into six bite-sized monthly payments or you can pay in one chunk upfront and receive a 10% discount.

Let's chat about your course site! Chats are FREE and giggles, fun, and excitement about your project are also FREE too!

I work with four new clients per month and have THREE openings for September 5th.