course frosting

You've done the hard work to create your course, now you need a website to serve it up!


No more putting it on the back burner.

If you're outgrowing your one-on-one services or you'd like to start scaling your business, this mighty sweet spot of a membership site has got you...


(Cue Herds Of Unicorns!)

If you're READY to go all out and the look and feel of your business matters to you.

Yes, you need a membership site to start serving up the "good stuff."

Side effects are... FREEDOM from working your sweet buns off one client at a time.



No one tells you how HARD it is to figure out what to use and how to deliver all of your "good stuff." You've been sending it out in emails, serving it up on Facebook LIVE, and trying to decide what MEMBERSHIP plugin will AUTOMATE the heck out of your sprinkles.

In the beginning you're an eager beaver to create your courses, figure out a monthly membership, and serve up some seriously drool-worthy freebies so you hop right to it...

BUT, before long you realize that it's HARD AS ALL GET OUT to bring your membership site to life while trying to create all that scrumptious CONTENT.

You're feeling frustrated because you're maxing out your one-on-one work hours and you're still not making enough dough to take that family vacation to Disney.


It's bad for your business waistline.

A muffin top business model has you in a one-on-one service based business that's fitting way too tight and cramping your style.

It's busting at the seams with work to be done and very little of that freedom that you got into business to have.

When was the last time you took a vacation or even a freaking shower?!?

That's why you can't let your dreams of hourly freedom and scaling your business go.

You can make this work, but you'll need help on the tech side to keep you from feeling fried because you've got no spare time to build a membership site from scratch!



What if your freebies, courses, challenges, and memberships were baked up for you on a website that's as easy as a store bought cake mix to bake with the taste and delight of a Molten Lava Cupcake from the local cupcake shop downtown?

An easy place to frost the heck out of what you've been serving up to so many hungry one-on-one clients while giving you the flexibility to serve one to many!

More heaping helpings of YOU to go around!

Oh, and you'll also smell sweet as a rose because you'll be taking those daily showers and you've even booked that trip to Disney #finally.


Giddy excitement is free on me!

Scrumptious Branding!

Fonts, colors, and course icons that'll have you wanting to buy your own stuff!

Your First Freebie, Course, Challenge or Membership Spot

I'll make a special home for your first course or membership and load it up with all the modules and lessons you need to start serving it up online.

* You'll be able to hop in after I'm done and add in as many new spots as you need quickly + easily, without hiring a team of trained sea monkeys and without it taking forever + a day to add a little somethin' new to your site!

I'll Pop In Your Core Pages

Core pages aren't sexy like your course or membership pages, but these pages make life SO much easier for your customers! You'll get a dashboard, login, account, profile - and yes, you'll love and need all of these on your site!

One scrumptious order form!

No stale or boring looking order forms for Y-O-U. Your order form is compatible with Stripe (one time + recurring payments) or Paypal (one time payments.)

Oh, and below you can totally click the order buttons and check out the order form to see an example of what yours will look like!

Course Frosting Tutorial Library!

Need to know how to do something on your site? I've got you covered. Short, sweet, and funny (because who likes stuffy boring videos) tutorials that make it easy to figure out how to make changes to your site like popping in a new course or challenge, or creating a new order form.

But wait! There's more...


Total Bonus Value $1145

Sales Page

Sales Page Frosting!

Value $397

I'll build you one heck of a bring home the bacon sales page for your course or membership.

This page is an example of my Sales Page Frosting style.



Value $348

To keep things as easy on the tech as possible I'll host your site for you for one year included in the price of your Course Frosting package!

Hand Holding

Hand Holding!

Value $400 (I think it's priceless!)

One year of access to the Cupcake It Until You Make It Facebook Support Group where I'll serve up answers to your burning questions in 24 hours or less and you'll be able to join me for Cupcake It Till You Make It Members Only Q & A sessions and workshops.


Even unicorns can't do it all - sad, but true!

I can't write your copy or create your course for you!

I will happily style both of them for you, but you're going to need to give me words and content to work with.

I can't buy your domain name!

I love GoDaddy for buying domain names, but there are tons of peeps out there that can sell you a domain name.

You'll also need to purchase a license to use AccessAlly + ProgressAlly!

AccessAlly and ProgressAlly are the dynamic duo of plugins for building course and membership sites ! Here's the link to find out more about AccessAlly + ProgressAlly.

You'll need to have Infusionsoft, ConvertKit, Active Campaign, or Ontraport as your CRM service too!


Here's a list of FAQ's.

How long does it take?

Allow 3 - 4 weeks for your Course Frosting delivery. And, yes - I know it could be "done in a week", but I'm not trying to push you through this buffet style. I want us to have time to dig in and explore every nook & cranny of your site.

What happens when my year of included hosting is up?

You can renew your hosting at the end of the year and continue to have access to the Cupcake It Till You Make It Facebook Group for $400/year.

What if I've already got hosting?

My hosting is almost always better and I'll hop in and update your plugins and theme for you once a month for as long as your site is hosted through me.

I'd like a website to sell products or services should I buy Course Frosting?

Nope, you need my Cupcake Website package. Cupcake Website can be added to or built separately from your Course Frosting and gives you a mighty sweet website that won't leave you feeling fried, oh yeah!

What do I need to have before I purchase Course Frosting?

You'll only need a couple of things. If you're stuck on what your course, membership, freebie or challenge will be check out my Freebie Appetizers.

  • A domain name.
  • Copy for your pages.
  • Email copy for your welcome email.
  • Your first course, membership, freebie, or challenge idea.


A mighty sweet price if you book your package by May 1st, after that the price goes up to $2500 or 6 payments of $500.

One Payment of $2000!

One easy peasy payment that saves you $400 bucks.

You'll be able to renew your hosting and support for $400/yearly for as long as you'd like!

Six Payments of $400!

Six wallet friendly monthly payments of $400 each.

You'll be able to renew your hosting and support for $400/yearly for as long as you'd like!

Not sure if we're the right fit?

Click here to schedule a time to chat with me about your Course Frosting package!