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Can this tiny little DIY mistake cost you thousands? – Kimberly Gosney

For the last year I’ve been the self-proclaimed Purple Unicorn of DIY.

WOW, now that’s a business title worthy of all the Purple Unicorns around me!

If it could be done DIY I’ve done it. And, just in case you don’t believe me here’s just a taste of some of the things that I’ve DIY-‘d in the past 365 days.

Headway Themes





Adobe Illustrator




Access Ally

Zippy Courses

And, a whole shit ton more stuff than this. The list could keep on going and going.

By now. I’ve earned the title of Boostrapper.

(For sure!)

The only person more Bootstrapper out there than me is Mardi Jo Link, don’t know her

She wrote the book on Bootstrapping Badassery.

A book I loved BTW.

I’ve made a ton of mistakes along the way.

Mistakes that have cost me thousands of dollars as a die hard DIY-er. Today, I’m going to share with the you …


Not trusting in myself and not knowing in my heart that I’m good enough.

Wow, that was really hard to say. Today I sit before you as the Purple Unicorn of DIY and I’ve doubted myself and what I have to give and be and share with the world.

And, that is the one thing that’s cost me thousands. and thousands in confidence too!

I’m wondering if I can be in business now for a whole year and struggle with this one thing so much that I over think what I’m doing and keep doing, doing, doing to prove I’m of value …

And, I know you’re new and just starting out.


Because that would heart my heart because I see you as such an amazing peep.

Just because we’re talking about strugglin’ all open and vulnerable like this doesn’t mean we get to curl up into a little, itty, bitty ball and hide.

It means it’s time to FIGHT. FIGHT hard for the parts of you that are all in (and, going all out.) The big dreamer parts, the fierce moment parts, the you really have it all inside yourself parts.

DIY is a battle fought on lines of taking what you can learn on your own 10 little fingers and a keyboard and using that to be of value. Rule #1 inside your DIY empire has got to be …

Value YOURSELF first and always for the things that you can do with your 10 little fingers and a keyboard that you couldn’t do yesterday. Celebrate the stuff inside you that makes you grab your keyboard and keep going for it.

The only person that can make this biggest ever of all DIY mistakes is …


That’s why it’s the BIGGEST DIY mistake. You’re Doing It Yourself – to yourself!

So, don’t make it. It’s silly and you’ve got work to do.

You are the sparkle and the Purple Unicorn – click to tweet that.

Jot that little quote on a post it note and peek at it today when you need a little dose of sparkle.

Leave me a comment today if you’re a Bootstrapping DIY-er and I’ll send you something special and sparkly like!