Business Freedom For Under $20 – Kimberly Gosney


What price do you put on your business freedom?

Everywhere on the internet this week I’ve been bombarded.

With overwhelm.

From the I don’t have enough time to do X,Y,Z in Facebook posts. To the “How am I going to get everything done while I’m working full time.” rants.

It’s OK. I promise. You will make it through and come out better on the other side.

I’m sharing my recent struggle with getting stuff done. But, instead of pulling my hair out I came up with a keep it simple strategy for pushing through my overwhelm.

I’m sharing it with you, right now. But, it’ll cost you…

$20. It’s a bargain. Yes it is.

Freeing up your precious time and energy for less than the cost of a dress at Target.

Hey wait that sounds like a tweet. Click here to share that spark of brilliance.

Go get it. You’ve got this. Big hugs to green beans everywhere!


PS – I’ll be sharing Keep It Simple Strategies for building your own video studio next week.





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  1. Julia Slike on July 11, 2014 at 11:24 am

    great video! I’ve never used but have heard of it. And I just LOVE your website and blog so glad I found you in honeygirls!!!!

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