Bootstrapping Mailchimp: Creating Your First Subscriber List – Kimberly Gosney

Have you been hearing that you need a subscriber list?

Back in 2012 I didn’t even have a subscriber box on my website! Gasp, I know. I had no idea that I even needed one. Crazy pants, I know.

But, here’s the thing. I don’t want you to be in business for YEARS before you know you need a list. And, I’m sharing my favorite mailing list subscriber service with you RIGHT now.

I’m practically handing you dollar bills just by sharing this with you. I see you dancing all around in your living room right now.

Mailchimp. I spent I can’t tell you how many hours trying to figure out how to set up my first mailing list! But, now that I’m the Bootstrapping Queen on Mailchimp, I’m sharing my secrets with YOU.

Best results are achieved with a paid Mailchimp account. But, I’d never recommend that you open up your wallet and throw your hard earned money out the window. Believe me, Mailchimp is a Brilliant Bootstrappers Girl’s best friend.

Click here to grab your very own Mailchimp account.

Now, on to the tutorial. If you want to see it supersized, just double click on the video.

Hugs and Happy Bootstrapping!







  1. Julia Slike on July 18, 2014 at 7:05 pm

    I love mail chimp!!! I have been using the free version for years. I tried another paid subscription and didn’t like it at all…most of all the pushy salesman that was bugging me every month.

    • Kimberly on July 21, 2014 at 12:14 pm

      I’m glad that you love Mailchimp. It’s a great way to get started and build a great list. I love it because it’s soooo easy to use. You can’t go wrong with Mailchimp.

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