Bootstrapping Illustrator: Using Stock Images – Kimberly Gosney

One of my favorite bootstrapping tools is using stock images. There’s no limit on where you can take your website once you find the right images.

Images create visual delight for your visitors.

They tell stories and add a splash of color.

Images really ROCK.

But, it can be really hard to learn how to create brilliant branding around your images. So, today – in this Brilliant Bootstrapping, I’m showing you how to create gorgeous eye catching graphics using Adobe Illustrator.

It’s so easy you’re going to literally flip your boots.

Click to tweet. Create graphics that will melt your bootstrapping heart. It’s bootstrapping Adobe Illustrator with @kimberlygosney. The virtual hugs alone from all your clicking will melt my bootstrapping heart!

Click the video to supersize it so you can follow along with me!

Hugs and Bootstrappings,





PS – When you’re bootstrapping your website you need to be really super duper careful that you know where your images are coming from. You can get into some sticky situations using free images you find online. This is one area where you want to Bootstrap with Class and use paid images and follow the guidelines on how to use them without violating any copyrights!

My favorite resource for top notch Bootstrapping graphics.

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