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Is your home page doing its REAL job?

The most important page on your website is your home page. It’s the page that gives your visitors an instant snippet of what your business is all about.

If your home page is looking like a hot mess, it’s time to take a peek at it and revise it based on…

Your Biggest Business Goal.

For example, list building is almost always the first thing you think about for your site. That leads you down the path of figuring out what your opt-in should be, then you struggle to create the perfect opt-in. Which takes a whole lot of time to do.

But, if your real goal is booking more paying clients – list building won’t get you there as fast as showcasing how people can book a free session or work with you.

List building is a long-term strategy.

Focusing on the wrong goal for your home page will lead to the wrong results for your business.

Recently, I’ve been experimenting with making it easy for people to book a consult call with me, which leads to booking more client projects.

Today, I thought I’d share my home page layout style with you.

My home page is focused on one new goal.

Making it easy to work with me.

And, I think I’ve nailed this and by sharing this with you I hope it helps you make your home page more powerful.

Click here to see what my home page looks like. No worries, it’ll open in a new tab in your browser so you won’t lose this page.

The first thing you’ll notice is that there is NO opt-in on my home page.

Because my big goal is booking more client projects so I’ve streamlined the layout design of my home page to book more client consultations.

1. Header Section: AKA -> What’s up top.

My new header image showcases my brand promise.

Pretty, Powerful, & Polished


Notice the button (this would normally be where you’d put your opt-in, but nope. I’ve ditched the opt-in and take people directly to my How It Works page. This showcases how peeps can work with me.

2. My Why: AKA -> Why my brand promise benefits my future client.

I dig into my three brand promise words and give a little info on each. So why Pretty, Powerful, & Polished benefits you if you’re working with me.

It’s easy to pick three words that sum up how you can help people make something happen. I encourage you to play around with the words that feel like what type of people want to do business with you.

I also looked to a few websites that I love in identifying what the feeling is that I’m going for with my clients. My favorite three websites right now are…

Emily Ley

Shay Cochrane

Sarah & Abraham

Funny side note here. My website doesn’t look like any of these websites – and these sites are all on Shopify but have been my favorites for YEARS and YEARS. But, when I look for what these brands have in common it’s loud and clear.

They are all pretty, powerful, & polished brands.

I could swoon and go on for days about what I love about these three sites and maybe I’ll write my next post about them!

3. About Me: AKA -> Why I’m great at helping you with your website.

I have a fun photo of me and a little copy about what I love to do. Copy for this part was written by the team at Your Hot Copy. The copy was part of a bigger sales page, but it’s really fun and I get to share my love for fruity pebbles covered cupcakes, oh my!

4. Freshly Baked & Scrumptious: AKA -> A recent testimonial. Testimonials build trust and if you’ve worked with a client that loved what you did for them… it should be on your home page for everyone to see what it’s like to work with you.

5. Get In Touch: AKA -> Contact Me. Yes, that’s my real business phone number and if you call me during business hours I will answer it with “It’s a great day here at Cupcake Website, this is Kimberly how can I help you?” I made it really easy for anyone that wants to get in touch with me to do just that! I’m giggling about this part because I got my business phone number from GoDaddy Smartline and it calls my real cell phone. #probusinessphoneline

And, there you have it. A book more clients home page.

Don’t be shy!

Share in the comments below which step you’re going to try out on your home page. I can’t wait to see which one you pick.

Hugs and cupcakes,


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